We will try some new guys but will only experiment after securing the series victory: Shikhar Dhawan

Indian captain Shikhar Dhawan said the team’s management will try new faces, but only if they make it into the top XI in the upcoming T20 three-game international series against Sri Lanka, starting in here Sunday.

As India sank up to five newcomers in the ODI Finals, Dhawan indicated on Saturday that he was not averse to experimenting with new men like Ruturaj Gaikwad, Varun Chakravarthy and Devdutt Padikkal during of the next matches, but the series victory will remain a priority.

“The new guys definitely have the opportunity to play. We have to win the series. At the last ODI there was a good opportunity to give some youngsters a chance and give them a taste of international cricket because we had already won the series, ”Dhawan told the media ahead of the first match.

“Now it’s a new series, so of course we’ll start with our best XI. We will try to win the first two matches, then depending on the situation, we can experiment in the last match if necessary, ”said Dhawan.

However, he agreed that the IPL prepared these young people for international cricket.

“Of course they’re ready, that’s why they’re here. As you have seen, the youngsters have performed so well in the ODI series, so they are going to take that confidence forward in the T20I series. You will see them work very well.

“As a team we have created an incredible environment here. Really looking forward to doing well as a team. Not just young people, even senior players are looking forward to it.

Changes in the team will depend on the situation.

“It will be decided depending on the situation. Like I said, if we win two games then we have the option to play any combination we want. Otherwise our main goal is to play the best XI to win the series.

“This is our first priority. After that, if we can seal it like we did in ODI, we can think about experimenting.

He also believes that the current Sri Lankan team has shown a marked improvement thanks to the ODI series.

“I think the competition will be good. You have seen the Sri Lankan team improve a lot in the last two matches. They played very well and it’s a good team, with a lot of young people.

“So I think it will be a good game between the two teams. We’ve both played three games now, so both teams know their strengths and weaknesses. That’s a good thing, and it will add to the challenge (of the series).

On a personal note, Dhawan knows that even he is auditioning for a spot on the T20 World Cup squad.

“It’s very important. Of course every international game has its own impact, and every time you play internationally it has a huge impact.

“So on a personal note, I’m really looking forward to playing here and strengthening my place for the World Cup. Then we will see how it goes in the future.

We have not yet been informed of the players leaving for the UK

The skipper said the team strategy will be prepared keeping in mind Prithvi Shaw and Suryakumar Yadav, as they have not received any formal information from BCCI regarding their departure from the team.

“We have not yet received any such news. If BCCI, or management tells us, we will know. So far, we haven’t received any news about it, so we don’t need to think about changing our strategy, ”Dhawan said.

But he agreed that Suryakumar could also be a useful player in the red ball format, if given the chance.

“It beats very well, whether it’s ODI or T20I. He also has extensive domestic cricket experience and is a very mature player.

“Of course, if he gets the chance, if the coaches think he should be in the Test squad, he’s a very well-equipped technical batsman. He’s a smart drummer, a smart thinker of the game. So I’m sure he will do very well in any format.

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