Very hard to tell players not to play IPL: England coach Silverwood admits after Chennai defeat

England coach Chris Silverwood admitted on Wednesday that it is “very difficult” to tell players to “not play IPL” even as his team’s highly controversial rotation policy in test matches has been hurt after their humble 317 point loss to India in second. Test.

The England and Wales Cricket Council had decided that all multi-format players, especially those of Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Jonny Bairstow, Moeen Ali, would be shot on the twin tour of Sri Lanka and India.

“It’s very hard to tell the players that no, you can’t play IPL. You can’t say no if you only see the numbers. IPL is a marquee cricket event in the T20 world and so it’s very difficult, ”Silverwood said at a press conference where he was cornered on the issue of IPL gaining more priority over matches. test.

Stokes and Jofra Archer did not come to Sri Lanka while Buttler and Ali returned home after the first and second test respectively. Now Bairstow and Mark Wood have joined the squad while Archer could come home on a white leg with Buttler joining.

When specifically asked if playing the IPL has become a priority, as many of these players have opted out of the Big Bash League in Australia, but are now skipping test matches as a matter of policy of rotation.

“I don’t think that’s a problem because the players play top level T20 cricket, which can only really benefit us. Going forward, it benefits the player. Obviously, the players make their own opinion on the competitions (BBL, CPL, IPL) in which they participate, but we benefit from their game. “

Silverwood, a fast bowler during his playing days admitted he had made “peace with him”.

“I’m totally at peace with it. Just to repeat, the cricket test at least remains the priority for me. “

While Stokes, Archer, Chirs Woakes have all been picked up by their franchises, the likes of Moeen Ali, Dawid Malan and 15 others will come under a hammer.

Is it sad that there are discussions that players might miss New Zealand test matches in order to meet the IPL knockout commitments?

“One of the things I feel is that it gives people opportunities. It’s exciting for me to see people making debuts, to see people doing well. Like I said, I see the exciting side to this.

So will he pray that Mark Wood or Moeen Ali doesn’t get an IPL auction tomorrow?

“No, I want them to do well, to really support the decision they make. If they are chosen it will be brilliant and I can only wish that they do well, know the conditions and improve as players, ”he said.

The rotation policy has been criticized especially as people skip test matches for T20s, especially multi-format men who have big IPL contracts.

Silverwood blamed the length of time in the bio-bubble that could demotivate any player unable to meet their family.

“The length of the series of tests means families cannot come to us. So that people can join their families. Playing T20 in India with a strong team gives us a fantastic opportunity to learn as a group and build on that, ”he said with World T20 in mind.

Silverwood apologizes for Moeen Ali’s blunder:

On Wednesday it was Silverwood’s turn to apologize to Moeen Ali for comments from skipper Joe Root that the player decided to go home on his own when it was made clear that the decision was collective from the management of the team.

“We’re sorry. The decision for him to go home was ours. It was with Buttler, Sam, Bairstow and Moeen,” Silverwood said.

“It was a unique situation with Moeen (he was in quarantine after returning with COVID-19 positive) because he had been in a bubble for a long time.

“Back in the team in Sri Lanka. We work closely with our players and try to give them the best opportunities. In the end, we felt it was the right decision for him to go home.

So how did Moeen react?

“He was fine. Joe and I spoke to him last night and he was fine. He understands that we have his best interests at heart and that we will try to take care of him like we take care of all of our players.

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