Umar Akmal apologizes for not reporting espionage attempts

Claiming to have learned his lessons, Pakistani drummer Umar Akmal apologized for not reporting corrupt approaches last year, resulting in him being banned for 12 months.

Umar, 30, was suspended in February 2020 by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for failing to report one-off approaches before the start of the fifth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

“17 months ago I made a mistake which damaged my cricket and my career. I learned a lot during that time and because of this mistake the reputation of Pakistani cricket suffered a lot. I ask Pardon the PCB and cricket fans around the world, ”Umar said in a video released by PCB on Wednesday.

Umar admitted that it had been “very difficult for him”.

“Some people approached me but I couldn’t report the same to the anti-corruption unit, due to which I had to face a 12 month ban. I couldn’t play cricket. although I am a cricketer.

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“I learned a lot during this time and today I admit to all of you that this mistake has brought Pakistan Cricket into disrepute.”

The Court of Arbitration for Sport reduced Umar’s ban to 12 months but fined him 4.25 million Pakistani rupees for violating the PCB anti-corruption code.

“I, Umar Akmal, would like to ask all of you, as ambassadors for sport, to stay away from any suspicious activity. If any suspicious individuals approach you, please report it to the anti-corruption unit in in a timely manner so that your record and your career remain pristine, ”Umar said.

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