The pitch looks a lot like the last test: Joe Root

Ahmedabad, March 3 (PTI) England skipper Joe Root said on Wednesday that the pitch in the fourth and final test against India looked a lot like the one his team were decimated on in Game 3, but the visitors learned their lessons to be prepared. for the challenge starting Thursday.

India must either draw or win the match to find a place in the World Test Championships final in June, while a win for England would rekindle some of the confidence lost after the beating in the two days of the third test.

“It’s (the pitch) that looks very similar … I think the most important thing is that we learn all the lessons from the last two, two test matches and make sure we’re back for that. “said Root, when asked about the raging debate. in the field in the last test and what it looked like.

“It’s important that if we find ourselves in a similar position in the first few heats, we really take that into account. And try to put pressure on the scoreboard in the game, you know, from the start, ”he said in the virtual press conference on the eve of the game here.

Root admitted that “there is no point in talking about locations” because everyone has an opinion on what a good pitch should be. He said his team will strive to play better than the opposition.

Everyone’s opinion on what a good gate, a sports gate or an unacceptable wicket is is different. There have been a few low scoring matches in test cricket lately, but not too long ago there were some exciting five day matches too, ”he said.

As players you need to play what’s right in front of you and make sure you play better than the opponent. And that’s the challenge for us this week.

“We tried to keep going and find ways to be better on the grounds in front of us. This is what we are going to try this week. We will try to outdo India and if we can do that that will sum up a very good tour for us, he added.

Root said the English drummers would look to partner up.

“I think as a hitter if you don’t score you will always look at yourself, you will always try to find ways to improve and we certainly have.

“We looked at a few layoffs and how we’re going to find ways to build great partnerships and get meaningful scores on it if it’s a similar surface this time around,” he said. added.

He also informed that the team had not finalized their 11 or 12 at this point, but made it clear that Dom Bess was in selection.

“No, not at this point and we’re going to have another day to see what that wicket ultimately looks like, before things go and we’ll have a team in the draw,” said the England skipper.

“He (Dom Bess) is definitely up for selection. He trained very well. He has a very good character and if he has a chance to play I’m sure he will be desperate to try to exploit the surface if it looks like the last two games, ”he added.

The England captain said his team had not underestimated left-arm spinner Axar Patel, who had caught 18 wickets in the two tests he played.

I certainly don’t think we underestimate him (Axar). I think he used the surface very well. He managed to beat both edges of the bat, which for any spinner is exactly what you’re looking for all the time, ”Root said, praising Patel.

He said the England batsmen need to do better to cover the stumps and try to score when possible to put pressure on the Indian bowlers.

According to Root, his team always improved by the end of the series and expressed optimism that they would do the same this time around as well.

Obviously I’ve been pretty tough with the surfaces we’ve had here and the way we’ve played the last two games, that doesn’t mean anything this week no matter what.

“We are looking forward to it as a team and we come to this game full of confidence and try to do just that, finish really strong and make sure we do everything we can to win this game because that would end what would be. very successful tour for England in Asia,? he said.

Root also supported struggling Ben Stokes to pass in the final test and said he would never doubt the all-rounder’s abilities.

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