The opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be “a moment of joy and relief”, says IOC President | Tokyo Olympic Games News

TOKYO: The opening of Tokyo 2020 will be a moment of joy and relief, the president of the International Olympic Committee said on Wednesday.
Two days before the official opening of the 32nd Olympic Games, IOC President Thomas Bach told reporters that when the athletes enter the stadium on Friday 23 July it will be “a moment of joy especially for the athletes. because I know how much they are looking forward to this moment and that they can finally be there, they can enjoy this moment in very special circumstances, and a sense of relief because no need to tell you the way to this opening ceremony n hasn’t been the easiest one. ”

Translating a German saying of great relief, Bach said: “There is a saying that if you feel this kind of relief that there are stones falling from your heart, so if you hear stones falling the 23 (July), they can come from the heart. ”
Bach held a press conference attended by a high-level delegation from Australia, the country that won the bid for the 2032 Olympics. Brisbane was chosen to host the future Olympics.

The Australian city was the inevitable winner of an IOC-led single-candidate race to avoid rival bids.
The Games will return to Australia 32 years after the popular Sydney Olympics in 2000. Melbourne hosted in 1956.
Australian Sports Minister Richard Colbeck said: “It is a tremendous privilege for a nation, state or city to be awarded the biggest and greatest sporting event on the planet.

“We are extremely excited by the opportunity offered to us by Brisbane ’32 to host the games of the 35th Olympiad and the Paralympic Games.”
Brisbane follows Los Angeles, host of 2028, to prepare for 11 years. He won in a new auction format that allowed the IOC to quickly pick their preferred choice.
Bach said the games taking place in Australia are part of the new path taken by the IOC.
“It will be a sustainable games project in all respects, and you can hear and see today that it was a matter of concern also for the IOC member and for the future Host Commission, the approach to sustainability has been carefully assessed, ”he said.

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