The fact of being a test batsman is that you handle all conditions: Ben Stokes on the courts | Cricket News

AHMEDABAD: Putting aside the endless talk about spin-off pitches in India, England’s great Ben Stokes said test players should master all kinds of conditions.
Ahead of the day / night test here starting on Wednesday, Stokes wondered how the newly renovated Motera gang would perform, but at the same time stressed that top cricketers should be able to cope with anything. what they are facing.

“The part of being a test beater is you have to be able to handle all types of conditions. India is one of the places where it is much harder for batsmen from across the country. sea ​​to come and be successful, but so do England, “he wrote in a Daily Mirror column.
“And that’s part of the game, the challenges and why we love it,” he said.
The rotating tracks in India became a topic of discussion during the current series when some former England players such as Michael Vaughan asked if these bands were ideal for Test cricket.
The series is tied at 1-1 after India’s brilliant triumph of 317 points in the second test in Chennai. Stokes’ bowling quota of just two overs in that game raised a few eyebrows, but he said it was
“Don’t read too much about the fact that I didn’t play a lot in Game 2, I’m sure if it was a green seamstress I would have played a lot more overs.
“I think there might be more reason for me to play under the lights in the next game if that helps the team.”

Much is at stake for India and England in the four-game series, as the final place at the Test World Championships is yet to be won. While India must win one and draw another to be successful, England will need to triumph in the remaining two matches.
Stokes said no one had the slightest clue as to the behavior of the track.
“Usually all over the world whenever these pink ball games are played there is always a period where the ball starts to do a bit under the lights and that brings the designers right into the game,” Stokes wrote.
“For us here, it will be huge. And on a whole new ground that looks pretty impressive, no one will know exactly how he’s going to react.
“We have a good spin department, but hopefully with the right conditions we certainly have a sewing department to support them firmly.”
Stokes said the England team’s Test triumph which shot in 2012 was an inspiration to the current team.
“There aren’t many teams that come back from India with a series victory. The guys in 2012 are rightly proud of their achievement and the rest of us want to join Rooty, Jonny, Jimmy and Broady. to achieve it on our own, and how lucky we are, ”said the 29-year-old.
The result of the first two tests was pretty much decided by the batting team first and posting a huge total. If it was England in the first test, India did the same in the second. Stokes acknowledged the “pressure on the dashboard”.
“The pressure on the scoreboard in the cricket test is probably at its greatest in the subcontinent and plays a huge role in the attempt to win the match.
“The good thing is we know what it takes to win here, so it’s about putting that into practice once more, learning what we can from the second test and delivering this week,” said he wrote.

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