The biggest squad controversy in tournament history

IPL is considered the largest T20 cricket carnival in the world.

Shahrukh Khan at Wankhede Stadium. (Photo source: Twitter)

The Indian Premier League is the toughest franchise tournament in the game. Players from different leagues take part in this tournament to make a name for themselves. For the younger ones, it is a perfect platform to catch the attention of the breeders.

Other than that, for the veterans, it provides a platform to make a comeback. IPL since 2008 is the most iconic tournament because it serves its motto. Because of this tournament, the national teams have been blessed with superstars. When different minds come together to share the same dressing room, there is room for improvement as individuals for the players.

But, IPL has been affected by various controversies in the past. These controversies have changed the future of sport. Whether it’s drugs or point fixations, these instances have played a major role in changing the face of the game. Let’s take a look at-

The biggest controversy related to every IPL team

8. Delhi Capitals (formerly known as Delhi Daredevils)

Delhi Daredevils IPL 2018
The Delhi Daredevils team. (Photo source: Twitter)

Back to the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League. Meanwhile, Pakistani players were part of the IPL. With a huge tournament coming up in the circuit, it has caught everyone’s attention.

But, for Mohammed Asif, it was a horrible start. He was detained at an airport in Dubai. This is because an illegal drug was found in his purse. Authorities detained Asif for nearly 36 hours. Some questions were raised about these matters and PCB had stated that he was simply being detained and not arrested.

The substance was later claimed as an herbal remedy for an injury suffered by Asif during IPL. There was also a buzz in the media that the substance could have been hash. Well, for a team that has been clean over the years, this is the only instance Delhi has been a part of.

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