Technically Sound Pujara Can Fit Any Format, Says CSK CEO

Chennai Super Kings CEO KS Viswanathan is happy with how Thursday’s auction went for his franchise.

He said Sports star Friday: “We had certain goals and we achieved them. I am happy. The franchise is happy. “

To participate in the auction, CSK needed two all-rounders, one international and one national and Kasi said both boxes were checked.

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With veteran Harbhajan Singh released by the franchise, CSK was without a spinner.

He said, “Glenn Maxwell’s name came first. We went up to Rs 14 crore for him. But then we stopped because we needed the money for a national multipurpose product. “

Then the name of Moeen Ali came along and after a hectic series of auctions, CSK bought the English all-rounder for Rs.7 crore.

“We only had one niche overseas and Moeen met our requirements. He is a good striker on the ball and is flexible with his order of strike. And then he’s a capable off-spinner, ”Kasi said.

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The CEO of CSK said he always knew Krishnappa Gowtham was going to be an expensive buy. “Our captain MS Dhoni gave us the names of Gowtham [first] and Jalaj Saxena as national spinners. Gowtham’s name came first. We did everything for him because we needed such a cricketer.

Kasi added: “Yes, we paid Rs 9.25 crore for Gowtham. But now we have the flexibility to have an international all-rounder and a national one. We could play one or the other depending on the needs of the team.

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Speaking of CSK’s surprise purchase of Cheteshwar Pujara, Kasi said, “It was out of respect for his contribution to India. He’s such a committed artist. And we believe that such a technically strong person can adapt to any format. “

CSK also chose Andhra paceman Harishankar Reddy for Rs. 20 lakh. “It was suggested by our bowling coach L. Balaji. He said Harishankar was sharp and played good players.

The promising opener from Tamil Nadu, C. Hari Neeshanth, was roped by CSK at his base price of Rs. 20 lakh. It was the same for K. Bhagath Verma (Rs. 20 lakh) from Andhra.

Overall, Kasi said, it was a profitable day for CSK.

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