T20 2021 World Cup: BCCI provides PCB for player and media visas

The Indian Cricket Council (BCCI) has obtained visa approval for the Pakistan cricket team as well as the media for the upcoming T20 World Cup to be held in India in October-December, it was said. announced at the BCCI Apex Council meeting on Friday. .

However, that would not yet break the deadlock between Indian and Pakistani cricket boards.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani had said earlier that they were seeking visas not only for players and media, but also for their fans. A failure on this account on the part of the Indian board of directors will push them to ask the International Cricket Council (ICC) to host the tournament in the UAE.

The Apex Council, however, has been informed that the Union’s Home Office will decide to grant visas to Pakistani supporters, it has been learned.

There had been very little doubt earlier about obtaining a visa by the Pakistan cricket team. The BCCI had given sufficient guidance. The bone of contention, however, had been the media and fan visas that the Pakistani board of directors had demanded.

Although there has been a thaw in political relations between the two countries lately, which has led some Pakistani sportsmen to arrive in India and compete, letting Pakistani fans in for the T20 World Cup also depend on of the Covid-19 situation in the country. at the time.

Sporting events have not seen foreign spectators since the start of the pandemic and recently the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee decided not to allow foreign spectators to attend the Olympic Games. which begin on July 23 of this year.

With the increase in Covid-19 cases in India, a decision on fans is unlikely to be made anytime soon by the ministry.

No less than 14 points were discussed during the Apex Council meeting.

One of the points (point 13) concerned the inclusion of cricket in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

The board has not yet made a decision on this, although in principle they have agreed to send a team to the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. Further discussions will be held with the Olympic Association Indian.

Other issues discussed included the status of the new National Cricket Academy premises (agenda item 6), the 2021-22 domestic cricket season (item 9) and the organization of national cricket tournaments. T20 leagues by Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Karnataka and Saurashtra.

Although it has been learned that the board has been informed that the 2021-22 National Cricket Tournaments will run as they have done in the past on schedule, a final decision will be made later depending on the current situation of Covid-19 in the country.

Source: IANS

T20 2021 World Cup: BCCI provides PCB for player and media visas

Last updated: April 17, 2021

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