Steve Smith’s field scuff incident doesn’t matter much to India: hitter coach Vikram Rathour

Indian batting coach Vikram Rathour has opened up about the ‘scruff-gate’ incident, former Australian captain Steve Smith and Indian stumper Rishabh Pant saying the southpaw was not even aware of what had happened.

Pant was arguably in the midst of his best shot in his Test career as he launched a brutal counterattack against the Australian bowlers when Steve Smith was caught clearing the left-hander’s batting in the session. ‘after lunch.

Steve Smith scratching the guard of Rishabh Pant. Image – Twitter.

After the video appeared on social media, Steve Smith was vilified by both fans as well as former cricketers. While some criticized Smith for his “ unsportsmanlike ” behavior, others called him a “ cheater. ”

However, Tim Paine and Justin Langer came to Smith’s defense, with the latter claiming that his former skipper was just trying to visualize how his bowlers were bowling. As Rathour mentioned, Smith’s ploy had no effect on Pant as he continued his assault before finally being fired for a 118 97 bullets.

“Basically we didn’t even know about this incident. It wasn’t until after the game, after the media picked up on it, that we noticed it. As a drummer, Rishabh didn’t even know about it. I wouldn’t like to talk about it because it didn’t matter to him. Because as a drummer he didn’t even know about it, ”Vikram Rathour said, addressing the media on the eve of the final test.

‘We will always come back to our plans against Steve Smith’ – Vikram Rathour

Steve smith
Steve Smith (Credits: Twitter)

That incident aside, Steve Smith had a test to remember as he managed to skip his skinny patch to crush his 27th ton, which he followed with a patient for half a century.

Tim Paine warned the Indians that Smith would be even more determined to play with the bat following harsh criticism. But Vikram Rathour has suggested that India will look to stick to the plans it has made against the Australian legend after the final test is over.

“We all know he (Smith) is a good player. Our bowlers worked on specific shots against him and against all the other hitters on the Australian cricket team. In the last game he scored a few points, yes, but we will always back our plans. Whatever bowlers have discussed among themselves, we will always support those plans and try to get him out of this game. Vikram Rathour added.

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