Stats Review – Mayank Agarwal’s Awesome Numbers, Shikhar Dhawan Record Streak and More Stats

99 points scored by Mayank Agarwal is the second highest score for a player’s debut as captain.

Mayank Agarwal. (Photo source: IPL / BCCI)

Hours before the start of the game, there was sad news that the Punjab Kings captain, wicket keeper and their main batsman KL Rahul had been diagnosed with appendicitis and had been excluded from this game. In his absence, first captain Mayank Agarwal scored a 99 * bout without much support from the other end, just as Rahul did in many matches for the team. Despite Mayank Agarwal hitting until the end with a decent punch rate, the lack of support at the other end meant Punjab could only muster 166 points.

Much like Mayank Agarwal, Shikhar Dhawan also carried his team to the end but instead found a lot of support on the other side. The support of the drummers on the other end has been crucial to Dhawan’s success over the last few years of IPL, which he did not have during his days at SRH. Shaw, Smith, Pant and Hetmyer all played helpful roles in leading Dhawan and his team to a comfortable victory with more than two overs remaining. This puts the Delhi Capitals at the top of the points table, as they continue to dominate the group stage like last year.

Here is an overview of the statistics produced during the IPL PBKS-DC meeting

161 – Points scored by Shikhar Dhawan against the Punjab Kings this season, with scores of 92 and 69 *. It is now the highest number of races by a player against the Punjab Kings in the IPL season, surpassing 159 races for Manish Pandey in 2014.

46 – It’s 46e over fifty strokes for Dhawan in IPL, surpassing Virat Kohli’s 45 to take second place in most of the league’s fifty scores.

4 – The Delhi Capitals have now won 4 of their last 5 games against the Punjab Kings in the IPL.

99 – Points scored by Mayank Agarwal today, which is the second highest score for a player’s debut as captain. Sanju Samson’s 119 earlier this season is the only score higher than Mayank for his debut as IPL captain.

8 – This is the eighth over fifty score for Shikhar Dhawan against the Punjab Kings in the IPL, which is now the second highest with Chris Gayle. Only David Warner has over fifty scores for them (11).

16 – It’s the 16the more than fifty points for Shikhar Dhawan playing for Delhi capitals in IPL. He is now tied with Shreyas Iyer in the franchise over 50 points.

3 – Mayank Agarwal is the third player to score 99 points not eliminated in an IPL round. The other two are Suresh Raina against SRH in 2013 and Chris Gayle against RCB in 2019.

99 – Mayank’s 99 is also the highest of a Punjab Kings batsman against the Delhi Capitals in IPL. He passed Shaun Marsh who scored 95 against them in 2011.

13 – It’s the 13the time in IPL where the Delhi Capitals beat the Punjab Kings, their best game against a team. The Delhi capitals have also beaten the Indians of Mumbai 13 times in the IPL.

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