So it’s like musical chairs

Former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar believes Shikhar Dhawan fell behind Ishan Kishan in the pecking order for the opening position after the youngster slammed England bowlers on his debut in the second T20I at Ahmedabad .

Shikhar Dhawan was dropped on the side after hitting four out of 12 balls in the first T20I. Kishan made his debut and capitalized on it with a thrilling 32-ball 56 runs of winning innings.

Rohit Sharma has rested from the first two T20Is and is expected to return to the opening slot for Game 3 on Tuesday. It would have to be seen who among Kishan or KL Rahul, who scored 1 and 0 in both matches, face the ax.

Ishan Kishan, Shikhar Dhawan. Image-Twitter

Sanjay Manjrekar says that while it’s a happy issue to have multiple quality players fighting for the same place, it also adds pressure on the players. He believes that Dhawan and Kishan have taken steps in opposite directions when it comes to their selection for the T20 World Cup squad, while KL Rahul needs to get back into shape.

“Rohit Sharma will definitely come back to the top. This (Seat Competition) is great news for Indian cricket, but you can imagine the pressure the players must be feeling. They now have to deliver almost every game.

“Someone who took a back seat in this race (for first place) is Shikhar Dhawan. Ishan Kishan has taken a leap forward. KL Rahul will have to show some form. So it’s like musical chairs. Sanjay Manjrekar told ESPNCricinfo.

KL Rahul must feel the pressure: Sanjay Manjrekar

KL Rahul
KL Rahul. (Photo: BCCI)

The 55-year-old is amazed that KL Rahul’s position as opener for India’s T20 eleven, after his own failures and a Kishan blow, has become vulnerable. Not to mention, before the start of the series, captain Virat Kohli had declared Rahul as the first choice against Dhawan for his partner Rohit Sharma. The next IPL season will be crucial for Rahul and Dhawan to claim the top spot.

“What amazes me is that a player who seemed like a superstar just two weeks ago could suddenly be vulnerable. This thing is going on with KL Rahul. He has now seen two failures. If you’re just picking up his last two performances, he must be feeling the pressure. “ Sanjay Manjrekar said.

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