Shreyas Iyer Returns to Training After Shoulder Injury; share a video on Instagram

Shreyas Iyer is now running time to get in top shape ahead of the 2021 IPL resumption.

Shreyas Iyer. (Photo source: Twitter)

There is good news from the Indian squad and the Delhi Capitals camp as Shreyas Iyer returns to training after a long time. The Mumbai batsman was injured in an ODI game against England earlier this year, excluding him from the Indian Premier League 2021 and beyond.

It looks like the young batsman is set to return to international cricket after a four-month hiatus. He uploaded a story to his Instagram profile on Wednesday and was seen training in an indoor facility. The screen recording of the story was then uploaded by a fan on Twitter. The 26-year-old was seen practicing some of his classic shots during this training session.

Iyer is currently trying to race against the clock to be in top form before the second half of the Indian Premier League. Initially, he was excluded from the whole tournament, but the tournament had to be postponed after covering half of his route. This has now given Iyer the opportunity to make his mark in the 2021 edition.

Delhi Capitals have yet to decide on their captain for 2021 IPL second leg

Apart from that, he will also have his eyes on the ICC T20 World Cup which will be played right after the World Cup. He was also named from a group of 45 players selected by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) for a physical training camp ahead of the national season.

Once Iyer returns, it will be interesting to see if he is given the captaincy. Rishabh Pant was named captain in Iyer’s absence and the young wicket-hitter did a great job of taking the Delhi Capitals to number one on the points table in the first half of the tournament. Under his command, Delhi has won six of its eight matches.

Recently, during an interaction, Iyer also gave his point of view. “I don’t know about the harbor master’s office, it’s in the hands of the owners. But the team has already done well and we are on top and that is what really matters to me. My main goal and my goal is to lift the trophy that Delhi has never done before ”, Iyer said on The Grade Cricketer’s YouTube channel. For now, one thing is for sure, if all goes well, Iyer will be in the Delhi XI when he plays his first game in the second half of the 2021 IPL.

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