Shock & Oz: Even the locals speak out for Team India | Cricket News

MELBOURNE: Siraj. Gasping. Sundar. Repeat. And then Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Repeat. A la Gabba, as India took a historic victory propelled by players who would have mostly heated the bench, these are the mantras uttered with the most fervor by Indian fans in Australia.
Twenty-year-old student Madhav Thapa reached the stadium alone with 19 players remaining on day 5 of the match. “Bharat mata ki jai could be heard loudly. Once the match was won, it was like a storm in the stands. I felt the whole arena was shaking, ”he told YOU. “There was a sea of ​​blue. I could barely see two Australian flags. Like, wow, ”Thapa said.

Rohit Bindra, 38, an entrepreneur in Australia, was hoping for a draw at best. “We were chanting ‘Jite ga bhai jitega’. And we did. On day 5, even Australian supporters started cheering for India’s borders. I could see Australian fans around us cheering on the four and six that India was hitting. It was just unreal. People chanted Vande Mataram. We knew India was going for the win when Starc was knocked out for 20 in one. It has become absolutely electric. Siraj runs, waves, interacts with the fans. The team looked very happy.
Rail controller Narvinder Singh was present every five days of the test with his 10-year-old child. For him, watching Rishab Pant’s bat “was as exciting as watching Virender Sehwag beat 15 years ago”. He said, “We were sitting in fear hoping that he (Pant) would be careful. And he was doing a reverse balayage with 25 overs remaining. We have seen history take shape. ”

There was also less sledding after the Sydney events. “The crowd was very careful throughout the test. There wasn’t that much sledding, instead there was more singing, ”he says.
When the Indian team took photos with the trophy, the stadium rang with “India! India! ”This was around the same time that Justin Langer was being interviewed by a channel and the correspondent had to ask the crowd to be gentler so that the interview could be conducted. And when Tim Paine was interviewed after the game, everything what one could hear was “Ashwin! Ashwin”.

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