Shivlal Yadav speaks out on his appointment as HCA representative at BCCI SGM

Former BCCI chairman N. Shivlal Yadav said on Monday he had no grudges against Hyderabad Cricket Association chairman Mohammad Azharuddin.

Azharuddin questioned Secretary R. Vijayanand’s decision to choose Yadav as the HCA representative at the BCCI virtual special general meeting on May 29.

“What do I have to prove? I have held the most senior position in BCCI – the presidency. I have no role in the HCA but for this appointment which pushes me to the forefront, ”said Yadav, 64. Sports star.

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“Yes, if BCCI approves my nomination to attend SGM, then I will surely attend. Once the BCCI has done that, I don’t think anyone can question that decision. After all, it is the parent body of gambling in India, ”he added.

“Even though BCCI says I shouldn’t attend, that’s fine with me. I accepted in the first place to be the representative of the HCA because it is in accordance with the Constitution of the HCA ”, he declared.

On issues raised against his eligibility – he served as the head of the HCA for more than the nine years stipulated under Judge Lodha’s directives – Yadav said he was not naive to accept anything without knowing the rules.

“I am eligible to participate in BCCI, and that is why I am participating,” he said.

False ego

Reflecting on HCA developments, the former Indian player said he was sad that cricket had taken over.

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“Looks like they’re fighting over false egos. For any decent director, he or she must follow the majority opinion. You have to adopt a policy of give and take to solve all the problems, ”Yadav said.

“It’s unfortunate that while other cricket associations across India are thriving, HCA is in the news for all the wrong reasons. It is high time to get the room in order by sitting across the table to reach consensus on any issue. It’s not impossible, ”he said.

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