Sachin Tendulkar: It will be a close competition, but I see India coming out victorious | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: At just 17 years old, Sachin Tendulkar scored his first Test 100 against England – an unbeaten 119-point effort that helped India shape the Test in Manchester in August 1990.
With 2,535 runs at an average of 51.73, Tendulkar is also the top points scorer in the India-England tests. Of Tendulkar’s 51 centuries of testing, 7 came against England, 193 being his highest score.

The stick legend told about the latest edition of the India-England rivalry, a four-test series starting on Friday, India’s historic triumph in Australia and more.
Tendulkar expressed his joy at India’s recent Test Series victory over Australia under Ajinkya captain Rahane.

“It was a great victory (test series victory in Australia). The last time we talked about Rahane’s harbor master’s office (before the Boxing Day Test at the MCG), no one knew at the time that there would be that many injuries in the other three. Test matches. Despite this, the number of challenges faced by the Indian team, the way they faced those challenges and got to the top as winners was just amazing. This was the Melbourne Test itself, from where it started, and then the second Test Match in Sydney, which was actually the third Test in the series. I’m talking about the three Test Matches after the 36 all out (in Adelaide) where people were thinking if the team will be able to do anything after that. We played beautifully to draw the game in Sydney and publish it, the next test in Brisbane in which we chased a big total. So we have covered all aspects. Draw a test match, play under pressure to save that match, then play under pressure to chase the total, that was all covered. So I felt that victory, given how many injuries we had, and the Australians had no injuries, that made the victory even more special. In a regular 15-16 member spinning team, there were almost 11 names missing due to injuries. So coming out on top was a tremendous, tremendous, truly spectacular achievement, ”said Tendulkar, who holds the records for most tests and centuries ever to

Sachin Tendulkar: It will be a close competition, but I see India coming out victorious |  Cricket News

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England were the last team to beat India in a series of tests on Indian soil in 2012-13. Entering this series, England are full of confidence after the 2-0 victory over Sri Lanka. But Tendulkar backed the Indian team to win the series, while warning that it could be close competition.
“I think both teams came after winning their last series so it will be a series of two confident teams looking to go head to head. But if you look at the combination I would like to believe India’s combination seem stronger than England and it will be a hotly contested competition, but I see India emerging as the winning team, ”Tendulkar added, speaking to

One of the much talked about aspects of sport in the post-Covid world is bio-secure bubbles, which are necessary to physically protect players, but which bring with them their own set of unique challenges.

Sachin Tendulkar: It will be a close competition, but I see India coming out victorious |  Cricket News

Although a series in India is a very difficult mission, England have decided to continue their policy of rotation to give their players a break from the bio-secure bubbles. Wicket keeper and batsman Jos Buttler will return home after the first test in Chennai from Friday, while Jonny Bairstow, Mark Wood and Sam Curran will be off until game three of the four-game series.
All-round star Ben Stokes and fast bowler Jofra Archer are back in the squad after losing the Sri Lanka series, which England swept away 2-0.

England’s approach aims to protect their players from mental health issues that can become a reality when players spend long periods of time locked in biological bubbles.
Will we then see other teams following this approach in these unprecedented times of coronavirus?

Sachin Tendulkar: It will be a close competition, but I see India coming out victorious |  Cricket News

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Tendulkar believes that the challenges posed by bio-secure bubbles can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
“I’ve never experienced the bio-secure bubble. I know it must be really hard for players to deal with all of these things, but every individual is different. At the end of the day, what you need is of a player who is 100% physically and 100% mentally fit to represent the nation. And if we feel the player is in top physical and mental condition it depends on that individual. There may be occasions when the ‘individual struggles to stay fit mentally and physically, then team leadership kicks in, selectors kicks in, then they have to take a call on what needs to be done, but you can’t have a call. fixed rule about this. Each person is a different person and you have to assess it accordingly. So maybe the other teams could start looking in that direction, but hope you don’t have to maintain this bio -bubble for a long time. It must continue in a near future for a while, but hope it won’t be too long. ”

Going back to the Test vs. England series that starts Friday at Chepauk, there is a big possibility that India will play three spinners, at least in the first two Tests in Chennai.
Ravichandran Ashwin will certainly be one of those spinners to take the field and Tendulkar believes it will be a draw between the rest of the Indian team’s spinners to fill in the remaining spinner slots in the game XI.

Sachin Tendulkar: It will be a close competition, but I see India coming out victorious |  Cricket News

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“Personally, I don’t like to influence decisions, because if I say this and that and I don’t take the other player’s name, it’s not ideal, because I haven’t seen the surface (terrain) I didn’t understand how the surface could wear out after a few days and who could use it But I think in all likelihood India will continue with three spinners. Ashwin was a success. Washington Sundar came and played a big part in the last test match, Kuldeep Yadav is a veteran bowler and Axar Patel has his own strengths. So there will be three out of four. Ashwin will be there at 100 % and the toss will be Be Among the Others. Whichever team decides to play, it will be well thought out. Because all bowlers are different, all bowlers have their own strengths and they must use their strengths and look for the perfect combination that you can play. ”
Another consequence of bio-secure bubbles is that, ideally, few places can be used to host a full series. This is why the four tests will be played in Chennai and Ahmedabad, the two centers each hosting two tests. And as Tendulkar has pointed out, that in turn means by the time of the second test the teams, especially the visitors, will know exactly what to expect when it comes to the terrain and weather conditions.

Sachin Tendulkar: It will be a close competition, but I see India coming out victorious |  Cricket News

“So the first Test will be critical, because in a series like this, if you’re leading the first Test itself, that puts a lot of pressure on the touring side. And here what’s going to happen is the second test match, they would know what to expect from that area, as the second test match will also be played here. So the first test match becomes even more critical, as they would know what to do to be in the top right of the first ball , maximize the home advantage, the conditions we experience like any other team. If you play in New Zealand it ultimately comes down to the state of the pitch, the weather, if it’s cold, how keeping warm. Here sometimes it’s the other way around, like when it’s hot, how to hydrate and all those kinds of things come into play. And over time teams start to figure out what it takes do. So I wouldn’t want to influence the selection in any way. ” Tendulkar, who performed a record 200 tests, told
Meanwhile, another big talking point after the Test Series victory in Australia was a couple of young players who really took over under tough conditions.
New stimulus on the block, Mohammed Siraj has been very impressive in Australia in what was his first heat and seems to have matured very quickly in a short period of time. Although India lacked services such as Jasprit Bumrah (in the last test in Brisbane), Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, like Siraj, Shardul, Natarajan and Saini delivered when it mattered most. In fact, in the last test at Gabba, Siraj, barely two old tests before this game, became the leader of the field.

Sachin Tendulkar: It will be a close competition, but I see India coming out victorious |  Cricket News

Tendulkar expressed his joy at the strength of the bowling bench in India, which in many ways was a real eye-opener. Many people knew that back-up existed, but few realized how effective it could really be without the regular top picks and that too under very difficult circumstances.
“It’s a great position for India, because despite so many injuries there were substitute bowlers and if the substitute bowlers are going to perform well and play like that and play crucial roles, that’s a great sign for us. It only feels so good because none of these guys like Shardul (Thakur) didn’t have much experience in the cricket test, Siraj didn’t, nor Natarajan. But they did respect their plans and executed them well. is a good sign for Indian cricket that our bench strength is also so strong that we can go against one of the best teams in the world and come out on top. So I’m really happy with that strength bench, it’s wonderful for our country. ”
Before signing, Tendulkar made a comment about the next round of testing against England – “I want to add one more thing that no one realizes, it’s a coincidence that in 2008, when attacks in Mumbai, we had played in Chennai against England. After a break. And it is again, after the pandemic, India faces England in Chennai. In 2008, the England team are came back to play the Test series and at this moment also the England team came from Sri Lanka. I only hope (since) the coincidence is there, I hope the result will be the same. We are actually playing after a just over 12 years – the same team in the same place after the pandemic. This time, too, it was a sticky situation and India was playing against England, so that’s a coincidence. In 2008, the England team had agreed to come back and were very, very kind of them. ”

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