Ravindra Jadeja’s staff has changed over the past few years, so it’s worth giving it some time: MS Dhoni

The significant improvement in all-around Ravindra Jadeja at bat has convinced Chennai Super Kings skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni to give him “those extra deliveries” that can change the complexion of a game.

Jadeja almost single-handedly beat the Royal Challengers Bangalore by 69 points while the versatile Indian broke 62 balls without 28 balls, in addition to taking three wickets and performing a run-out.

“Jaddu is someone who can change the game on his own. Over the past few years we’ve seen some big changes in hitting and it’s worth giving him that little extra time, extra deliveries, ”Dhoni said in the post-game presentation when asked him if Jadeja had been sent to No.5.

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The other aspect is that lefties are hard to control when they start, as Jadeja has shown with 37 points from a Harshal Patel.

“The bowlers struggled to contain the lefties, and that helps too,” said Dhoni.

How MS Dhoni’s warning on Harshal Patel helped Jadeja crush 37 more races

The player of the match said he had never known a better day on a cricket pitch.

“Don’t think (if he’s had a better day). I worked hard on my fitness, my skills, everything. Fortunately it paid off. It’s been a tough job to be versatile, you have to do all the departments, ”Jadeja said.

When asked how he works on his routine, Jadeja said: “During training I don’t work on all three, I do skill work one day, I train one day, I do fitness one day. “

Jadeja said her skipper had warned her that Harshal would be playing away from the stump and he gave it a shot.

“I was just trying to hit hard. Mahi bhai told me he would be playing somewhere outside and luckily I logged in.

Dhoni felt that no one can predict the quantum of victory, but once they passed 190 he knew they were 25 points above par.

“It’s a good wicket but I felt the spinners had something up their sleeves and I felt a few more runs that Jadeja did helped. 165 would have been equal, and once you get 25 more the opposition should be a bit stronger.

“You can’t strategize by assuming what the dew will do – frankly, some games got high scores, others got low scores. You have to rate every game and today we made the right decision to hit. “

Dhoni also made it clear that CSK had done nothing different from last year.

“We’re not doing anything drastically different from what we did last year. Me and Fleming keep saying we’re focused on the process.

“You gain more respect if you keep going your way when you’re under pressure. I think it’s something that gave the players a lot of confidence. Credit to players.

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