Rahul Tewatia remembers his time in the sun

During the strategic timeout, skipper Steve Smith asked Rahul Tewatia what he was thinking. Rajasthan Royals needed 51 races in the last three overs. Tewatia had been in big trouble on his first 23 balls, scoring just 17 goals against the target of 224, and many had started to curse him on social media.

“I said if I got three sixes on (Mohd) Shami and (Sheldon) Cottrell, the game would be in our hands. I was confident and he (Smith) said, ‘Yeah, that’s that easy,’ “Tewatia recalls from the game against Kings XI Punjab which became one of the biggest talking points in the IPL. .

The world had given up on the chase, but Tewatia had not. He knew that if he could somehow connect five big hits, the game would be on his side. However, the circumstances were such that even Smith’s faith would have wavered.

Tewatia talks about those nervous moments. “I had the option of going out with a bad shot, but the best way, in my opinion, was not to try. For me, the option to give up is not there. It would have been the easiest option. I had to take the risk. Risk mein hi toh mazaa hai ”, he becomes philosophical.

“Smith told me earlier that ‘we are promoting you to number four.’ It was the opportunity I was waiting for. For Haryana, I have been in such situations before and the result has often been in my favor. I like the pressure. I like it one way or another.

His father would tell him later that some commentators even wanted him to retire injured.

In the next, Tewatia hit five sixes off Cottrell and forced the commentators to eat their words. This made the Rajasthan Royals believe they made the right choice in sending him the order and made Haryana’s left-handed drummer a major talking point. In that short span of time, Tewatia has gone from zero to hero.

He is now back home in his village of Sihi, near Faridabad. He did not inform anyone of his presence. If anyone comes his way, he is told that he is in quarantine.

Rahul Tewatia with his family

Tewatia says nothing is easy in her life. Even getting into the Haryana team was tough. The team already has three spinners in Jayant Yadav, Amit Mishra and Yuzvendra Chahal. In addition to the difficulty quotient, their home base is Lahli in Rohtak, with tailor-made land for dressmakers.

After graduating from junior cricket, Tewatia had to wait for his chances. “I have seen ups and downs. I think if you receive things very soon, there is a good chance that they will disappear in a short period of time, ”he said.

He doesn’t hesitate to say that if his famous rounds in Sharjah hadn’t happened, no one would have remembered him. Worse, they would have cursed him.

The 27-year-old didn’t realize what he had accomplished until he woke up the next day. Tewatia remembers how he was in the ‘zone’ even after the game, until teammate Mayank Markande spoke to him.

“When I sat on the team bus, Mayank Markande was sitting next to me. He too had been there when he was one of the Indians of Mumbai and had taken the wicket of the MS Dhoni. He said ‘bhaiyya, aapko nahi pata hai aapne kya badi cheez kar lee. You won’t realize it now but you will realize it tomorrow after you wake up, ”he said.

“When I hit the bed, I just fell asleep because I fell asleep because I didn’t have the energy to think about anything anymore). When I spoke at home the next day and our media team had a press conference, I realized I had done something really amazing. But I know yeh sab chadte sooraj ko salaam hai (you are celebrated when you are at the top).

Tewatia’s sleeves were no accident. He had hit the net well. During the lockdown, the management of the Rajasthan Royals team had clearly defined their role – that of a game changer, a finisher. It is a difficult task, especially since the finisher does not have opportunities in every game.

Rahul Tewatia remembers his time in the sun Rahul Tewatia of Rajasthan Royals celebrates Kolkata Knight Riders Sunil Narine wicket (Source: Sportzpics)

Tewatia does not forget to mention the “extraordinary bond” he developed with Ricky Ponting during his time with the Delhi Capitals. “He (Ponting) helped me correct my technique, my footwork and my backlift. During training he helped me with throws.

“I am still in contact with him. He has answered. I met him and talked to him. He is ready to share his knowledge. After these rounds (Sharjah), he sent me a “well done” message. “

After the famous 53 against Kings XI Punjab, Tewatia also finished the matches against the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

But the versatile Haryana doesn’t dive into the past. He says what he did was history and he will have to start from scratch. However, when things get back to normal, Tewatia hopes to shine again.

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