Rahul Dravid predicts 3-2 win for India in England, calls it team’s best chance

Big hitter Rahul Dravid reckons India will win over England 3-2 in this summer’s away test series and calls it the visitors’ ‘best chance’ to win in the UK since. 2007.

Dravid was the last Indian captain to win a series of tests in England.

“I really think India has a very good chance this time around,” Dravid told a webinar, according to “ESPNcricinfo”.

The webinar was hosted by Live Aid India, a trust meant to help those affected by COVID-19.

Dravid, who now heads the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru, said Ravichandran Ashwin vs. Ben Stokes could form an “interesting subplot” to what should be an intriguing series.

“There is no doubt about their bowling alley (in England). Whatever bowling attack England have put on the park, especially their bowling attack, it will be fantastic. They have a lot of players to choose from and it’s going to be great.

“But if you look at their top six or top seven, you really think of a great drummer, a world class drummer who is Joe Root.

“Obviously Ben Stokes is another, who’s a good all-rounder, but for some reason Ashwin seems to be doing well against him. And it should be an interesting contest. I know he did well against him (Stokes) in India, but it will always be an interesting subplot for the series.

But an Indian side, on the back of their historic triumph in Australia and the home series victory over England, will certainly have their chances.

“… But I just think India will be well prepared, will have the confidence of Australia, there is a lot of confidence in the team.

“A few players have been to England a few times, there’s a lot of experience in the batting order this time around so it’s probably our best chance, maybe 3-2 against India.” , said Dravid.

The former captain said India, to his advantage, would have plenty of time to prepare for the rubber there.

“I think India will play very well in England this time around,” Dravid said.

“It’s a great opportunity that we have. After the WTC final, they will be in England for a whole month before the start of the test series. I don’t think a team has had that kind of time to prepare for a test series like India will be doing this time around, so that should definitely be a big advantage.

“In England, if there’s one thing you always have to respect, it’s the conditions. It’s slightly different from Australia or India, say.

“To a certain extent you kind of have the feeling (as drummers) that you are never ready. Even if you are ready and have a good start, batting at 30, 40, 50, things can change very quickly, the weather can change, the ball can swing even after you are 40-50 years old, ”observed Dravid. .

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