Punjab CM questions BCCI on Mohali as IPL 2021 location

IPL 2021: Punjab CM questions BCCI about Mohali as an IPL 2021 location.

IPL 2021: The locations for the fourteenth edition of the IPL have been finalized. A total of six venues are pre-selected by the authorities and the entire IPL will take place in these six stadiums. Although the IPL is hosted in India, there have been slight changes to the format of the game compared to the story.

Of the six sites, Mohali is not mentioned and the captain of the Chief Minister of Punjab (CM), Amrinder Singh, asks BCCI why they ignored Mohali as an IPL 2021 site.

Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Kolkata will be the six venues where the games will take place. Initially, Mumbai had doubts due to the surge in covid-19 cases, but the location was included in the list.

Punjab CM questions BCCI on Mohali as IPL 2021 location
Punjab CM questions BCCI on Mohali as IPL 2021 location

The BCCI has yet to disclose the official reasons why it chose not to make Mohali the location of the next IPL. If the reports are to be believed, ongoing farmer protests across the state and in various parts of India have forced authorities to cover themselves up.

“We don’t want a situation to happen where we have an IPL game in Mohali and a restless farmers march is heading towards the stadium. It will attract the attention of media around the world. We don’t want that to happen. Mohali is not among the shortlisted sites due to the current scenario in the northern part of India, ”said a BCCI official.

Amarinder Singh wrote a letter to BCCI highlighting the problems.

“I wrote to them (BCCI) to tell them that if they could have a match in Mumbai, which has had 9,000 cases a day, then what’s wrong with Mohali. We will take the necessary precautions, ”said Amarinder Singh, quoted by the ANI news agency.

It is highly unlikely that BCCI will consider Punjab CM’s request as the official schedule and locations are revealed. It remains to be seen how the BCCI and the authorities respond to the questions of Captain Amrinder Singh of Punjab CM.

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