“Pujara is the center of gravity of India, the center of lightness of the pants” | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Once-in-a-lifetime matches also produce equally memorable sports writing. Cricketers’ chroniclers got euphoric in India when they pulled off the impossible at Gabba on Tuesday.
The contribution of Pujara, one of the triumph’s less celebrated heroes, was hailed by Gideon Haigh in The Australian. He said it was Pujara’s marathon efforts that “made other people’s games possible.” Greg Baum wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald: “Pujara set in, like winter. He was hit 11 times, on the head, ribs and hands, and they all hurt, but he was also the point of support. ” Tim Wigmore, of the Daily Telegraph, described the 32-year-old Rajkot as “perhaps the quintessential defensive hitter in the world”.

Describing the Pujara batsman as the “great apostle of nonviolence” for his phlegmatic style, Haigh described Pujara’s forward defensive blow: “At the point of contact, the stick is tight in the body, his face receding. almost of the ball because it delays contact as long as possible – Pujara is beaten on the outside edge from time to time, but very rarely inside. The ball is not just blocked; it is neutralized; it ends by extreme prejudice. He falls heavily to the ground, as if he weighs a ton. ”
Contrasting his style with Pant’s, Haigh said, “… Pant played jabs like tricks: cheeky sweeps, slogs out of the rough, a tilting ramp, a pullover. If Pujara is India’s center of gravity, Pant is its center of lightness. ”

Baum praised Rahane for his attitude. “Thank you Ajinkya Rahane for that smile. He embodied the spirit of the show. Comment boxes echoed all day with rasping appeals of meanness and aggression from Australia, and Rahane just smiled. won, “he wrote.
The Guardian stressed that both sides were consistently engaged in a series of compelling competitions after 2001. “The conclusion in Brisbane on Tuesday fits that tradition, with a few teams ready to give up until the end. It fits the tradition of the storylines. hard to believe, performances that come out of nowhere. At the same time, it also has its own history, which does not repeat itself, “Geoff Lemon wrote for the newspaper.

"Pujara is the center of gravity of India, the center of lightness of the pants" |  Cricket News

Pakistani newspapers also recognized the triumph. “Brilliant India shocks Australia at Gabba to win the Series 2-1,” Dawn headlined. Frontier Post said: “Record-breaking series of tests in India”. And on social media, former captain Wasim Akram tweeted: “Incredible tests and a series victory for India … did not see a daring, courageous and loud Asian team make a tougher tour in Australia. No adversity could stop them. ”

"Pujara is the center of gravity of India, the center of lightness of the pants" |  Cricket News

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