Problems brewing for Azharuddin at HCA

The Apex Council of the Hyderabad Cricket Association, which met here on Thursday under the chairmanship of Vice President K. John Manoj, authorized Secretary R. Vijayanand to issue a show cause notice to its President Mohammad Azharuddin .

Azharuddin did not attend the meeting even though he was given 14 days’ notice, the secretary informed Sports star. “This is in response to the show cause notice issued to Apex Council members by Azhar a few days ago, as his decision was against the rules of the HCA memorandum,” Vijayanand said.

Azharuddin gets green light to attend BCCI SGM

The secretary also informed that cricket activities will begin in the first week of July with training camps scheduled for different age groups in accordance with state government COVID-19 guidelines.

One year after the indemnity pledge, the disbursement plan has not yet been developed for the Ranji Trophy players

“The cricket committee will be finalizing the league’s season schedule soon as we are very keen to get the action back on the pitch,” he said.

Vijayanand also handed over Rs. 5 lakh check to the family of former Hyderabad Ranji fast bowler Ashwin Yadav, who died last month.

The fight will be launched

Meanwhile, Azhar said members of the Apex Council who met on Thursday were already under investigation by the Ombudsman and that a notice to that effect had already been issued.

“So there is no point in these corrupt people leading the so-called Apex meeting and presenting a justification to the president. These people are not eligible to hold a meeting pending an investigation against them,” he said. .

“This type of action will not make me back down. I never will. The fight will continue until the corrupt are out of the institution and until Hyderabad Cricket has won its lost glory, with the support from my like-minded activists – the Secretaries member, ”said Azhar.

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