Postponed 2021 IPL set to take place in UK in September: Kevin Pietersen

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen wants the remaining matches in the Indian Premier League postponed from this year to be transferred to the UK in September, instead of the UAE.

Pietersen believes moving the IPL to the UK would be the best decision as there is a window in September right after England host India in a five-game test series that ends on September 14.

“I’ve seen people talk about the UAE as a possible destination to finish IPL in September, but I actually think IPL should move to UK.

“There is a window in September after the end of the England vs India test series. All the best Indian players would already be there, and all the best English players would be available as well, ”Pietersen wrote in a column for Betway.

The 40-year-old right-hander, who also captained England for a brief period, said the weather in September would be ideal for hosting cricket matches in England.

“Mid-September is the best time in the UK. They could use Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and the two London pitches. There is also a good chance that crowds are allowed in the park. and there will be great atmospheres. “The IPL went to the UAE; it happened in South Africa, and I think England would now be the perfect place to host the remaining matches, ”said Pietersen.

Pietersen made the statement after four English counties – Middlesex, Surrey, Warwickshire and Lancashire – expressed interest in hosting the remaining 31 matches of the IPL, which was postponed after several players and support staff were tested COVID positive.

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