Option to skip IPL was never on the table, says Jos Buttler

The huge financial windfall that comes with an Indian Premier League contract cannot be ignored, admitted Jos Buttler as the England cricketer claimed on Tuesday that the ECB had never given him the option of skipping the popular T20 League to be available for the test series against New Zealand.

Buttler has been in the eye of the storm to return home after the first test against India. He is now back in the country for three months to compete in the White Ball Series and will stay until the end of the Rajasthan Royals IPL campaign.

British media grilled Buttler on players who likely skipped the test run against New Zealand from June 2 if their franchises made it to the play-offs from last week in May.

“No, nothing like that (was discussed with me) and I don’t know about other players. I think an agreement to participate in the IPL was in place long before the test series was announced. New Zealanders, ”Buttler said at a press conference. .

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However, like Sam Curran, even Buttler agreed that some players could skip New Zealand tests if their teams go the distance in IPL.

“It could potentially (mean),” admitted Buttler on missing the home series premiere this summer.

“….. but NZ tests were added later and there will always be a few that will miss out on games against England. You don’t know how far players are going to go in the tournament and miss out. matches (for England). ”

The white ball dasher has made no secret that money is a big deal when it comes to making a decision between club and country.

“We all know the benefits of IPL. It’s a huge tournament and the monetary rewards are obvious as well as the experience you gain and that has its benefits too. And that’s evident in the resumption of the game from white ball in England, and the number of players participating in and how beneficial it is for all of us, ”he said.

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“Of course the timing is tough and there is no perfect balance and the ECB and the players are working closely together to try to manage that.” “Is there a perfect answer? No in the times we are operating now,” he added.

There are 12 English players, some with million dollar contracts, playing in the IPL. Players include Buttler himself, Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer for Rajasthan Royals, Moeen Ali and Sam Curran for CSK, Tom Curran for DC and Dawid Malan for Punjab Kings.

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“IPL is good for a lot of people with the money that is involved. It’s the biggest cricket tournament in terms of money and careers can be short but we know playing for England can be a draw. is a huge fate and we are paid very well playing for England, ”he said.

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He understands that the English cricket establishment is a divided house when it comes to IPL, with people forming “their own opinions one way or the other.”

“It is also a great feather for the English team that 12 players are in demand in the biggest tournament in the world,” he said in his defense.

He also explained how this year’s IPL will help England players when they return in October for the T20 World Cup.

“The obvious benefits of improving the player, the skills you learn to learn, especially this year playing IPL in India where the T20 world will be played.”

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