“ Not holding back Suryakumar Yadav is KKR’s biggest loss ”: Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir believes Kolkata Knight Riders made a huge mistake in not retaining Suryakumar Yadav. Praising the drummer on the right, the former skipper of KKR Gambhir said a talent like him is extremely difficult to let go. He added that apart from the bat, the Mumbai cricketer brings good leadership qualities which prompted him to make Suryakumar the vice-captain of KKR while he was there.

“You also have to criticize part of the franchise. Suryakumar Yadav is not easily won by the Indians of Mumbai. This is probably the biggest loss KKR has ever experienced in 13 years, ”Gambhir said in a live interaction on ESPNcricinfo.

“Someone who was young came into KKR and played for 4 years obviously couldn’t get the number they should have been hitting because of the batting lineup we had at that time. . Manish Pandey was hitting at number 3, but he was beating at number 6 or 7. But then KKR could easily have built a side around Suryakumar Yadav. He was the vice-captain when I left the side. Made him vice-captain so it’s an easy transition. I could see the quality of SKY leadership, ”said Gambhir.

Gambhir said the batsman has always come forward to help the team in any way he can. He never refused to beat lower in the order of KKR, and Gambhir thinks that says a lot about his character.

“Very selfless dude – you make him beat at number 6 or you make him beat at number 7, he can hit at any number, there will never be a long phase where yes you wanted to beat at number 3. C is the kind of players you want. That’s the kind of Mumbai Indian culture. For me the biggest loss KKR has ever had is letting SKY go because you don’t get Indian players with this kind of talent, ”Gambhir added.

Prior to joining MI in 2018, Suryakumar spent four seasons with KKR. However, Surya’s stint with KKR was rather moderate where he could only handle 608 runs. However, since his inclusion in the MI camp, the drummer has shown great character and has proven to be a great asset to his team.

Suryakumar racked up 512 points in his first season with MI, then added 424 the following season. During the campaign, the 30-year-old was instrumental in Mumbai’s success as he became the team’s third-top scorer. Hitting at an average of 40, Suryakumar amassed 480 runs in 15 innings, including four half centuries.

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