Not at all satisfied, Virat Kohli joins Ravichandran Ashwin to criticize the new SG ball

India captain Virat Kohli echoed teammate Ravichandran Ashwin’s feelings about the new SG ball which is being used in the ongoing four-match test series between India and England. Kohli was unhappy with the new ball variety, which has a pronounced seam, but is not durable at all.

While India lost the first test match played in Chennai by 227 runs, the focus was also on balls specially made by Sanspareil Greenlands (SG), based in Meerut. The new ball sets are darker in color and have a more pronounced, raised seam, with a harder cork at the core.

The new SG ball is apparently bizarre: Ravichandran Ashwin

However, players are apparently not happy with the quality of the stitching and the ease with which the ball was scuffed. On Monday, Ashwin, who took nine wickets in the game, also said they didn’t expect a torn seam with loose stitches.

Ravichandran Ashwin. [Photo-Twitter]

“I’ve never seen an SG bullet tear (tear) through the seam like this. So it could well be a combination of the hardness of the ground the first two days, even in the second run after the 35th-40th the seam was coming off.”Said Ravichandran Ashwin.

Ashwin previously mentioned in 2018 that he was comfortable with Kookaburra balls and hoped that the situation and quality of SG balls would improve during the current series.

It was weird, I mean, I haven’t seen an SG bullet like this in recent years, but yeah, maybe it could be due to the terrain and how hard of it across the center which causes the ball to be scuffed up, “ the off-spinner added.

Ball destroyed in just 60 overs was unexpected: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli shared Ravichandran Ashwin’s opinion, as the Indian bowlers expressed their displeasure with on-field referees Nitin Menon and Anil Chaudhary, who refused their request to change the ball.

India vs England 2021: not at all satisfied, Virat Kohli joins Ravichandran Ashwin to criticize the new SG ball
Ravichandran Ashwin and Virat Kohli [Image Credits: Twitter]

The quality of the ball (SG-Test) was also not what we were very happy to see as it was also the case in the past. Just the fact that the ball is completely destroyed in 60 overs is not something you feel as a test side and any side could be prepared.“Kohli was quoted by PTI.

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