‘Nine years old’ – more Danes say they have been abused by English fans | Denmark

A growing number of Danish fans have come forward to say they were verbally assaulted by English fans at Wembley during Wednesday’s Euro 2020 semi-final, with a parent describing how his nine-year-old son was “Booed in the face” and that she and her husband were yelled at after the game.

Imaan Madsen, a Danish citizen living in the UK, told the Observer that the family of three had no problems during the match, but as they left the stadium the English fans shouted at them ” fuck Denmark ”and other insults.

“Our nine year old son was booed straight in the face by a fan,” she said. “He had the Danish flag painted on his face and was wearing a viking hat and a kit from Denmark. We had to wipe the color off her face and cover her clothes to stop the abuse. I am absolutely disgusted with the behavior of some English fans, especially towards a child. “

Jeanette Jørgensen told the Guardian on Friday that people had shouted “you are out of place here” and tried to take her Danish flag. “We had a Danish flag and they were trying to take it away from me,” she said, “but I took it out and said, ‘Leave it. Then they started pulling my hair too and I couldn’t believe what was going on. It was pretty scary. “

Allan Nielsen told The Observer on Saturday that he had seen Danish fans get spit on and police nearby were not doing anything about it. “Overall the experience was very scary and it felt like we were walking in a war zone and it was only a matter of time before someone came our way,” said he declared. “We have seen English fans spit on the children.”

He said he was surprised at how lax the security was during the game. “When we entered the stadium, security did not check the Covid app for test results. They barely checked our luggage either. I just told them what I had in my belt bag and it was good – no wonder they could bring fireworks and laser pointers.

Other supporters who contacted the Guardianthe Observer were also unhappy with the security inside the stadium and the fact that the English supporters managed to sit in the Danish sections. Birgitte Surtees went to the match with her English husband and their Danish-English son.

“Going through security at the stadium was very easy and my bag was not checked,” she said. “Also, we had been told beforehand to bring our passports in order to match our tickets to our documents but nothing was checked.

“Inside the stadium, we sat and waited. Suddenly the seats around us started to fill with English supporters. I heard them screaming at the others that there were empty seats here and all of a sudden we had about 30 [England] supporters seated around us. There was no security around and after being yelled at we managed to move a few seats away from the ones we thought were the most aggressive.

Surtees says a fan yelled in his ear about how “shitty Denmark was, how shitty I was, and how shitty I was.” She says her main complaint is that she felt there was no crowd control, no seat control and that there were not enough police or security personnel in the area. the stadium. She and other supporters are filing a complaint with UEFA and the Danish Football Association.

Søren Moldaschl, who traveled from Scotland for the match, says he was lucky to be in a section which had an ‘amazing’ atmosphere for most of the match and only a handful of English fans. He says other Danish sections of the pitch “were full of English fans” and that “despite being told to bring photo ID, there was no cross-checking with the tickets and seats / sections “.

UEFA said in a statement: “We have not received any complaints so far. Please note that safety and security at the stadium is handled by the local organizing structure. The Football Association has been contacted for comment.

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