‘Mumbai Indians are family’: Sachin Tendulkar’s advice ahead of IPL 2020 final

Sachin Tendulkar, who played for the Mumbai Indians for five seasons, gave the franchise team mentality a boost with inspiring words just ahead of the 2020 IPL final in Dubai on Tuesday.

The Mumbai Indians will aim for a record-breaking fifth IPL crown against the new Delhi Capitals finalists on November 10. The team led by Rohit Sharma beat the Delhi Capitals in the first qualifying game last Thursday.

Sachin joined his hometown team in the inaugural season in 2008 and played until his retirement in 2013. The legendary cricketer supported the team to win another title after calling out the Mumbai Indians a family.

“When you go out to play for the Mumbai Indians, you know it’s not just you as an individual, but all the strength is with you,” Sachin said in a video on Twitter.

“The first and most important thing – it’s a family. We all stay together through the ups and downs because in sports or in general in life there will be challenges and a number of speed breakers along the way, especially in this fast paced tournament. phenomenal.

“It’s important that everyone stays together as a tight unit and we were able to do that. When you know that the owners’ right to our support staff is backing you – they are looking to push you, get the most out of you and do all they can to help you stay at that level to perform, ”a- he added.

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