MCA to name Wankhede Stadium lounge after former Indian skipper Ajit Wadekar

The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), at its Apex meeting on Thursday, decided to name its lounge, located in the premises of Wankhede Stadium, in honor of former Indian skipper Ajit Wadekar. Ajit Wadekar will go down in Indian history as one of the famous captains after leading India to a first round of tests won in West Indies and England in 1971. His testing career spanned eight years for India during which he played 37 tests and 2 ODIs.

MCA has named a lot of stands after the Mumbai greats and it will be a gesture to salute the efforts of Ajit Wadekar who has played a lot of crucial rules on overseas tours. He was proudly called the Overseas Crusader after winning two of the toughest tours and he will always remain in the hearts of Indians. At the age of 77, the famous Mumbaikar passed away in 2018.

ajit wadekar[photo: twitter]

Mumbai’s dismal performance lately

MCA wanted to name a booth after Wadekar but since all booths are already named, they went with the show. The MCA has also decided to name the President’s Lodge at Wankhede Stadium after its former President and Maharashtra’s two-time chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. The MCA investigated Mumbai’s dismal performance in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy who lost four trotting and was eliminated.

“Our Apex board unanimously made these decisions to rename the salon after Wadekar and the president’s box after Deshmukh. These decisions will now be ratified at the MCA Annual General Meeting (AGM), ” MCA secretary Sanjay Naik told TOI.

“Ideally, we wanted to name a booth in Wankhede stadium after Wadekar sir, but all the booths are already named after one big or another in Mumbai”. said a source.

MCA Show
MCA Show[photo: twitter]

Appointment of a new coach for Mumbai

Sanjay Naik also added that a new coach will be appointed due to the resignation of Amit Pagnis. He also spoke about the continuation of the Cricket Improvement Committee (CIC) whose mandate has ended. Naik mentioned the conduct of training for the probable 75 chosen for the next BCCI tournament.

“The Apex Council has authorized officers to take an appeal on the continuation of the Cricket Improvement Committee and the appointment of a new coach. The current CIC mandate has ended. We will appoint a new coach in two days ”, Said Naik.

MCA has decided to conduct “Practice for about 75 likely picks at BKC,” Stroll added.

Bombay [photo: google]

Bombay who has struggled to find form even with a lot of experience in his training will be looking to come back in force at the next BCCI tournament.

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