Mark Wood prepares for T20 World Cup in India with slow Yorker

Mark Wood already possesses the ability to intimidate drummers with his express pace, but the England speedster revealed on Wednesday he’s working behind the scenes to develop a slow yorker that would come in handy when the T20 World Cup action rolls around. on Indian grounds later this year.

Wood said he realized the importance of having a slow pitch while competing on Indian pitches when he played with Indian stimulator Shardul Thakur in the IPL, where they play for the Chennai Super Kings.

Just seven months away from the T20 World Cup in India, Woods is making a conscious effort to add ammunition to his arsenal.

“Looking at their bowlers… I played with Shardul Thakur in Chennai (Super Kings). And he’s got a new, slower bullet. So just looking at that and how well it has worked here, it’s something I’m trying to adapt to my game, ”Wood told UK media here on Wednesday.

“My role was pretty clear, the plans I tried to make. Behind the scenes I’m always trying to learn new things, the slow balls are trying to get that through my yorker ball so there is always room for improvement.

“These are the conditions that we are going to face in the World Cup, so we try to put in place the right skills to be able to adapt to any given surface or the type of terrain that we might encounter here,” he explained.

The English pilot, who was not in the Test series, constantly disturbed the Indian first order in the T20I with a constant time of 140 km / h. But he still doesn’t think his place in the game’s XI is guaranteed.

“I played well in a few games but, you know, last summer I played well against Australia and then I missed the game in South Africa. We have a lot of good bowlers that I don’t feel my place is for.

Wood said the series gives him a chance to solidify his place for the upcoming T20 World Cup.

“It gives me a chance to prove myself in this series and ultimately we all want to be part of this squad that plays in the World Cup and hopefully wins the World Cup for England.

“We have a lot of backups, people get fit and deform, injuries come and go. It is therefore important that as a group no one takes a sport for granted.

Wood, however, said it gave him immense confidence that English skipper Eoin Morgan had identified him as a member of their core group.

“Eoin is a great leader, someone when I’m not playing he says right away why I’m not playing and what he wants me to improve. And when I play, he’s very clear about my role, it’s very clear what he’s looking for in the game for me in terms of plans and things.

“So it gives me a lot of confidence that he sees me that way. We get along well and we know each other well enough to have this relationship. I’m glad he’s feeling it, but that doesn’t mean I’m a given in the squad by any means. So I have to continue to work hard both off the pitch and on the pitch, continue to deliver.

When asked if he felt frustrated at not being recognized as a full-fledged entity and constantly compared to his new ball partner Jofra Archer, he said it made him the best.

“We don’t mind being competitors, it’s always the same question, isn’t it. It’s Jofra and I’m trying to go faster than the other. Now we’ve played so much together that we’re just enjoying it together.

“It brings out the best in me, like I’m sure about it. We just focus on our own roles. It’s great to be able to support this together and put pressure on the opposition, ”he said.

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