Machineroad, the secret of Lockie Ferguson’s yorkers

Lockie Ferguson and his older brother, Mitch, grew up playing cricket together. Long before the youngest turned heads, it was Mitch who played hard as a teenager at the Auckland Grammar School – the field that got the first glimpse of greats like Martin and Jeff Crowe.

Mitch had to walk away from the game due to spinal disease, but Lockie borrowed his speed to become a deadly fast for the Black Caps.

All of his plans went wrong last November when he suffered a partial stress fracture in his lumbar spine. He was out of action for four months before appearing in T20I against Bangladesh at home this week. The 2019 World Cup star is also set to spit fire in the Indian Premier League in April and he owes a lot to Machineroad – a fast-paced bowling app developed by the two brothers five months ago to check on speed, duration and speed. workload in training, among others. things.

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In a conversation with Sports star, the Fergusons shed light on their new baby, which is the secret to Lockie’s Perfect Yorkers. You just need a smartphone and a tripod to record your workouts and get real-time feedback. It helps train bowlers more efficiently with videos synced with analytics.

“If you want to be a good yorker bowler, you have to use the app. It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? (Laughs)

“I use it and it’s important to know that. In cricket, you can show up to a net session and see how you do when you try to bowling 12 yorkers. You can feel like you’ve got it. passed most of them, but in reality you are probably may have hit half of them. The app can tell you if you missed most of them. I used it during IPL. J “love to bowling and bring guys out with those fantastic bails and stumps that light up like fireworks,” said Lockie, who picked up six wickets in five outings for KKR last season.

Mitch Ferguson monitors a bowler using the Machineroad app during a nets session. – Machine load

How it works

Turning to the nets, place the phone on a stand behind the referee and record. The data must be stored in the player’s profile in the app. Then the performance can be analyzed for review.

“The HawkEye that you see in broadcasting is something that we’re trying to deliver through the device. It’s a pretty similar experience. We capture the bounce points and trajectory lines with a heat map. It’s a platform that will help you scan yourself a bit more efficiently.

“What we’re trying to do here is provide a small platform to get information on how you behave as a bowler. We hope to see unknown talent who can progress to the international cricket scene. “said Mitch.

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Lockie also clarified that one can set a score to assess their performance in addition to calculating the percentage of points in length. “Did you have 60% good length, did you hit the Yorkers 20% or 80%?” You can also give yourself a score, ok I was good today, I was bad but why? And that’s how a learning process works. The loop becomes much shorter. “

Lengths and bale tracking

Machineroad has a ball tracking option to assess the artistry of swing bowlers. “We have a tracking line so you can see which ball is swinging the most, in a swing or a swing. You will also get a percentage of your correct length at the end of the session. In Test Cricket, you try to play 90 percent of the right length deliveries, ”Lockie argued.

A bowler must constantly adapt to different conditions. The lengths keep changing and the speeds vary. Lockie worked on his strength to fire a better net bowler.

“It rocks in New Zealand and England. In India, things are turning. It’s hard to compare Virat Kohli playing in New Zealand to him playing in India. He needs to change his technique and his game plan, and that’s why he’s so good. I have done the same in my career. I started by spotting all the opponents and saw Kohli playing 360 degrees. I didn’t know where I would play because I had seen videos and seen how good he was. So I focused on my personal game. What am I doing right? What is my best ball and what can I add to my bowling game. Once I know I would do these things well, I will adjust them with the players based on who they are. “

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Discover new talents

The brothers used the app with the Parnell Plums women’s cricket team in Auckland, where Maddy Curran clocked at 110 km / h, detected by Machineroad. She got a call from the northern districts to train at their academy after the Fergusons shared the news on Instagram.

So just download the app, record your bowling session and let the Fergusons train you in silence.

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