Kuldeep Yadav optimistic about 2021 T20 World Cup spot

Besides the T20 World Cup, Kuldeep Yadav also hopes to achieve a good performance in the IPL during the UAE stage.

Kuldeep Yadav. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images)

In recent times, it is difficult for any good player to get a breakthrough in the Indian squad due to the immense competition for places. Ask Suryakumar Yadav as he waited almost four years to finally stand a chance in the limited series against England. If a player experiences a drop in form, the roadmap to getting into the squad becomes even more difficult.

Kuldeep Yadav will certainly agree on this point as he was pulled from the squad after a few poor performances. He has been sidelined and figures like Washington Sunder, Axar Patel and Ravindra Jadeja are back in the white ball game.

Not all is lost for Yadav, however, as he has a chance to reclaim his place ahead of the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup, which is only five months away. The wrist launcher has been included in the 20-member squad for the Sri Lanka tour, which is due to start on July 13. Yadav knows that a good performance in the six white ball games will make him feel good at the world event.

“To be very honest frustrating wouldn’t be the correct word, as a player you are sad because you want to play, you want to play the game. You can think like that individually but not with cricket. Cricket is a team sport, and you must play according to the demands of the team. You have to think about the team and the combination of teams, so it’s best to stay positive, keep trying, and wait for the opportunity to perform. The combination of teams has always been good for me, everyone supported me, ”said Kuldeep, as quoted by Times Now.

Kuldeep Yadav most likely has his chances in the IPL for the Kolkata Knight Riders

Ahead of the T20 World Cup, Yadav will also have the opportunity to play the second leg of the Indian Premier League (IPL) to be held in the United Arab Emirates. With Pat Cummins, Eoin Morgan, Shakib Al Hasan almost likely to step down due to a busy schedule, Yadav can finally take his chance and try to make the most of this opportunity.

“For the T20 nothing more than performance matters if you have to make room for yourself on the team. There is the tour in Sri Lanka, then IPL, all of that will be very important to me. I hope I will perform well to have room in my team. If I do well in both tournaments, I hope to get a place in the T20 World Cup squad, ”he explained.

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