Knights kill unlucky kings with twin tweakers choking off momentum in middle overs

On slow, low ground, Kolkata strangled the Punjab with their spinners in the middle. It looked like they wouldn’t make it to 100, but Chris Jordan swung his bat to bring the total to 123. The chase unfolded in the familiar wobble of Kolkata, but Captain Eoin Morgan and Rahul Tripathi settled the matter. problem.

The pair of spins that brush your fingers

In the essence of their art, they seem to be soul mates: carrom ball here, a break there, some go a little slow, others skid fast. Ten years ago, their tribe would have been considered “mystery spinners”; These days, there isn’t much of a mystery about them, but Sunil Narine and Chakravarthy did the job in the middle to strangle the Punjab. There was a lot of dew on the outfield, and it wouldn’t have been easy as the two continued to wipe the ball after each delivery, but they kept their cool to choke the flow of the run. As a result, the counters arrived and the Punjab lagged behind to a below average total.

It must be said that wicket keeper Dinesh Karthik was in good spirits at the start of this intermediate spell. “Varudu varadu!” (It comes, it comes) he encouraged Chakravarthy, with little advice on line and angle of attack, and they were often spot on. Chakravarthy continued to polish and tear them apart, as did Narine, who carefully wipes the joy from her face after a wicket; in fact, Chakravarthy too. The two had the opportunity to play “cool” a few times during the night.

Narine hit in the 12th with the big wicket from Mayank Agarwal. It wasn’t a good ball, but Agarwal pushed his pull towards the deep midwicket outfielder. During his next visit, Narine slipped in a breakaway of 89.1 km / h which slipped the gap between the bats of Moises Henriques to crash into the stumps.

Chakravarthy joined in the fun with a howling 60 mph carrom ball that beat Nicholas Pooran’s lift to throw it. With Prasidh Krishna creating problems with his short kickers, the Punjab looked like they didn’t cross 100, but Chris Jordan’s windy 30 brought them to 123.

Captain Morgan succeeds in the hunt

The chase must have caused a familiar sinking feeling for Kolkata, which was teetering at 17 to 3, which included a superb catch. Narine had poorly grasped the lift towards Cow’s Corner, but the stiff Ravi Bishnoi covered about 30 yards with the deep square leg before diving down to make a sensational hold.

But Captain Morgan and Tripathi eased the nerves with positive intention. They didn’t really counterattack, but neither did they retreat in a shell. They played their shots, ran well, and with all four coming at a steady pace, the run rate was no problem. “We knew that if we beat with proper cricket strokes we could win this,” Tripathi would say later, which they did.

Morgan did what he always does, deploying his calculated loads on the runway to the crimps interspersed with hard-hitting controls. He didn’t let the required stroke rate increase at all, as he kept playing the limit shots every now and then. Most attacks try the short ball against him, as does Mohammed Shami, but on Motera’s slow, low track the southpaw dismissed that threat with a six early in the play. He crushed Shami for a few fours in the power play and once the required rate fell below throwing a ball he settled down to rotate the strike. Tripathi is a fluid drummer and although he fell, Karthik accelerated the end with a few big hits.

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