Kevin Pietersen denounces racial abuse against black English footballers after Euro final defeat

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen on Monday condemned the racial abuse of three black players on social media after their loss in the Euro final and questioned whether the country should get the rights to host the Cup of the football world 2030.

Pietersen, a former national team captain, was caught in the chaos that erupted following England’s loss to Italy in a penalty shootout in the summit showdown at Wembley.

The cricketer has joined UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Football Association (FA) in slamming those who abused the three colored players after they failed to score in the shootout.

“The walk I took with Dylan to get our car home last night was absolutely HORRID! This behavior in 2021 ?? The player abuse that gave us so much joy ??

“Do we really deserve the 2030 World Cup?” Pietersen tweeted.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister said on Twitter that players “deserve to be hailed as heroes, not racist abuse on social media.”

“Those responsible for these appalling abuses should be ashamed of themselves,” Johnson tweeted.

The FA, the country’s top football body, has also condemned racial abuse of its players.

The FA have underlined that this England side have highlighted the issue of racism throughout the tournament, going down on their knees before all of their matches.

In the shootout, both England goals were scored by captain Harry Kane and Harry Maguire.

Their next three punches were taken by Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Saka – all black teammates.

Sancho and Saka’s shots were blocked by Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, and those from Rashford hit the post.

Italy have scored two goals in their last three shots to win their first European title since 1968.

In another tweet, Pietersen wrote: “The media in the UK are probably the most powerful in the world. It should be their responsibility to get the social media giants to verify EVERYONE who has an account.

“No robots and no fake accounts! RESPONSIBILITY for all! It destroys society!

The United Kingdom is among the candidates for the organization of the World Cup in 2030

Last month, Spain and Portugal applied to host the tournament, joining the UK and Ireland and another bid from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile, aiming to coincide with the centenary of the first World Cup, which took place in Uruguay.

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