Jay Shah Explains Exact Reason Vivo IPL 2021 Is Transferring To UAE

Vivo IPL 2021: Jay Shah explains the exact reason Vivo IPL 2021 is moving to the UAE.

Vivo IPL 2021: India Cricket Control Council (BCCI) Secretary Jay Shah clarifies the exact reason why phase 2, as they say, of the Vivo Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 is moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) . Presenting the exact terrain, Shah said the decision is made with the monsoon in India in September-October in mind.

Earlier on May 4, after a string of covid-positive cases in the camps of participating IPL teams, BCCI made the decision to postpone the Indian T20 tournament indefinitely. Foreign IPL recruits have faced great difficulty returning home, especially Australians after BCCI shut down IPL.

The Australian government banned all connecting flights from India for more than a week, after which the players were flown to the Maldives.

Jay Shah, who holds a senior position in BCCI, made his concerns clear and said: “It makes no sense to welcome IPL to India due to the weather conditions”.

The decision to relocate IPL was taken at the BCCI Special General Assembly (AGS) on May 29. All members and board members were on the same page to reschedule the remaining 31 UAE games and minimize losses as much as possible.

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According to data revealed by BCCI shortly after the suspension of IPL 2021, India’s board is likely to suffer losses of around 2,500 crore if the remaining games are not completed.

Vivo IPL 2021 moved to UAE due to monsoon: Jay Shah

“You see, we made this decision to do the IPL in the United Arab Emirates because it will be the monsoon here and it will not be possible to organize matches here in September and that is why we are taking the IPL in the United Arab Emirates, ”Shah said in Hindustan Times.

“We are only moving IPL to UAE due to weather restrictions as we cannot hold IPL here during the monsoon season. How can we organize IPL in September in Mumbai or Ahmedabad or any other place at monsoon time? It makes no sense, ”he said.

Shah further said the board is looking for more time to make a decision on the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup.

“And on the T20 World Cup, we’ll ask ICC for time and decide later. For now, we are in the spirit of holding tournaments in the safe zone and we will see how the situation is in the coming days. The only thing I can say for now is to ask the ICC for time and decide accordingly, ”added Shah.

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