“It’s in the hands of the owners”

Rishabh Pant led the Delhi Capitals with magnificent style in Iyer’s absence. Now the question is whether the latter will reclaim this role upon his return.

Shreyas Iyer. (Photo source: IPL / BCCI)

One of the most disappointing news before the start of the Indian Premier League 2021 was Shreyas Iyer’s injury. The Delhi Capitals player has been one of India’s most popular white ball players in recent times and has thrilled fans with his performances. His position as captain also transformed the fortunes of the Delhi franchise.

However, with the 2021 IPL hiatus and now set to resume in September, fans had started to speculate that Iyer would come back to the side, making them much stronger during the tournament’s end of business. Delhi Capitals had missed an opportunity to secure their first title in 2020, but 2021 gave some hope of finally getting there. In a recent interaction, Iyer broke his silence around his injury, rehabilitation and returning to IPL 2021.

Iyer’s injury had sidelined him for several months. He was also said to be in England at the end of the summer to play county cricket, but that did not happen due to his injury. In fact, he failed to make it to the Sri Lankan tour and he did not recover in time. During an interaction with the Grade Cricketer YouTube channel, Iyer explained his current condition.

My main goal is to lift the trophy, which Delhi has never done: Shreyas Iyer

“The healing process has been done, I believe. Now, this is the last step in achieving strength and reach. So this is going to take about a month and the training is obviously continuing. Other than that, I feel like I’ll be there in the IPL, ”Iyer said, alluding to his return. Interviewers Ian Higgins and Sam Perry also asked him about the role of captain, which had been handled fairly well by Rishabh Pant during Iyer’s absence.

“I don’t know about the harbor master’s office. It is in the hands of the owners. But the team is already doing well and we are on top and that’s really what matters to me. My main goal is to lift the trophy, which Delhi has never done before. So that’s what I’m looking forward to, ”said Iyer.

After that, Higgins joked that he would speak to Ricky Ponting, Delhi’s head coach, and try to reclaim the captain role for Iyer as the three in the interview shared a laugh. Speaking of Pant’s leadership role, the Delhi batter-keeper started his stint as captain in a magnificent way, winning six of the first eight games. Capitals will take over IPL 2021 as the leader of the points table.

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