IPL franchises struggle to find hotels as dates clash with Dubai Expo

Dubai Expo could pose challenges for the management of IPL bio-bubble protocols.

IPL in UAE. (Photo source: IPL / BCCI)

The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) had to be suspended due to the upsurge in Covid-19 cases in the country. Thus, it was later announced by BCCI that the remaining half of the IPL tournament will be hosted by the UAE from mid-September. But before the league resumes, franchise managers must put on their thinking hats to manage the logistics of their respective teams and players.

The dates of the initial loading face off against the Dubai Expo which is due to start on October 1. As a result, franchise managers are having difficulty with hotel availability and rising prices. Moreover, Dubai Expo being a mega event would attract many people from all over the world to the six month event which will create even more problems for IPL teams to manage a strict bio-bubble.

IPL franchises have not yet received the green signal from the BCCI travel to the United Arab Emirates to make the necessary arrangements due to the current Covid scenario. According to News18, a franchise official said the uncertainties of the pandemic could lead them to make some decisions during video calls. The official also pointed out that getting rooms in large numbers would be another challenge given the Dubai Expo.

“But looking at how the Covid-19 situation is still changing, we might consider video calls to complete reservations. We have to keep in mind the Dubai Expo and how difficult it can be to get rooms in bulk with each passing day. »Said the official.

The 2021 IPL bio-bubble would be a big task

Considering the Dubai Expo mega event, IPL franchises believe that managing the bio-bubble would be a daunting task. As more and more people would travel to the UAE, a much bigger concern would be having rooms in different wings.

“We are considering a new hotel this time around and we want 80 to 100 rooms and preferably in the separate wing so that there is no chance of players or staff entering and exiting the same passage as the one used. by guests staying at the hotel. . “

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