IPL bubble: some Indian gamers didn’t like the restrictions but we felt safe, says Piquant from MI

Mumbai Indians coach James Palement claimed that some senior Indian players did not like being under restrictions inside the currently suspended IPL bio-bubble, but felt completely safe until the cases of the participating teams are not revealed.

Palement did not expand on his claim about Indian players, nor did he take names. The IPL was suspended on May 4.

“Some of India’s top leaders don’t like being restricted and being told what to do,” he said. stuff.co.nz.

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“But we felt safe – at no point did we feel the bubble would be compromised … We felt the journey was always going to be a challenge,” he said.

The New Zealander, a former Northern Districts coach, said he and the MI players started to feel apprehensive shortly before the competition was cut short.

“That’s when cases started to happen with the teams. They were a little more fearful, a little more worried,” said the 52-year-old, who returned home on Saturday.

“Chennai (CSK) announced their cases and we had played in Chennai this weekend so immediately the dynamic changed. I certainly noticed it in my band. I spent most of my time with it. the Kiwis and the Australians, their mentality had changed.

“We started to have Indians in our environment whose families were sick. There was also bereavement and we took a bit of inspiration from those guys who said “no, we want to continue”, and the messages kept coming back that it was a good distraction. “

“We started to have Indians in our environment whose families were sick. There was also bereavement and we took a bit of inspiration from these guys who said, ‘no, we want to continue’ and the messages would come in. back that is a good distraction. Pemment said that at no time did he feel that his health was going to be endangered in the bubble created by MI in a hotel in Mumbai.

“You felt as long as everyone was disciplined and people weren’t tempted. You felt convinced that everything would be fine, and everyone around you would be fine… an extremely safe bubble formed. . ” He said that long before the IPL was suspended, he was aware of the worsening pandemic in India and that the event should not have been spread across six locations.

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“If the IPL had only taken place in Mumbai it might have been easy to manage, but once the cases increase in Mumbai you look at the ground staff, you look at the different types of services that it goes difficult to manage, ”he said.

“We had a case ourselves on our first trip to Chennai – it was a support staff member, luckily recovered very quickly and he was isolated, and none of the people considered to be in close contact with him. was infected.

“It was a reminder early on that your bubble wasn’t impenetrable. We probably got even tighter on how we operate.” He also said that allowing 70,000 spectators in Ahmedabad for test matches against England “was a little irresponsible and Ahmedabad is now a hotbed of COVID.”

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