IPL and PSL should be postponed amid COVID-19 pandemic: Shoaib Akhtar

While the IPL is currently taking place, the PSL is expected to resume on June 1.

Shoaib Akhtar. (Photo source: YouTube)

Former Pakistani fast pitcher Shoaib Akhtar believes the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Pakistan Super League (PSL) should not take place amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 edition of the IPL kicked off on April 9 and 20 matches have already taken place in the tournament.

PSL 2021 began in February, but after 14 matches had to be postponed after franchise members tested positive for the unholy COVID-19 virus. However, the tournament is scheduled to resume on June 1 after the IPL in India ends on May 30.

Akhtar believes that more than cricket, the world needs to save people’s lives. He mentioned that the money involved in cricket can be used to help those in distress in the dire global situation. the Rawalpindi Express expressed his opinions while speaking on his official YouTube channel.

We don’t need cricket, heroes and entertainment right now: Shoaib Akhtar

“India is facing a devastating situation. They must stop the IPL if it cannot continue without strict SOPs in place, but if not, given that India is on fire, it must be postponed. I’m not saying this because PSL has been postponed. I also think that PSL should not take place in June, ”Akhtar said.

“The IPL is not important and the money spent can be better used to buy oxygen tanks. It can keep people from dying. We don’t need cricket, heroes, and entertainment right now. We want to save lives in India and Pakistan. I use these strong words because human lives are at stake, ”he said.

“Pakistan is just at the limit, there is only 10% oxygen capacity left. People don’t follow SOPs. I ask the government to enforce the curfew for the last 10 to 15 days [of Ramadan]. You don’t have to go outside to shop for Eid. People have to be very careful and take care of themselves, ”Akhtar added.

Sunday April 25, India COVID-19[feminine les cas ont dépassé 349691 et les hôpitaux de tout le pays refusent des patients en raison du manque de lits et d’oxygène. En Inde, 192311 personnes ont perdu la vie avec le nombre de cas confirmés à 795627.

Au Pakistan, le décompte a atteint 795627 avec le nombre de morts allant jusqu’à 17117. Il reste à voir comment les deux nations agissent dans la deuxième vague de la pandémie COVID-19.

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