IPL 2021 will follow the eight-team format with playoffs

Although the Cricket Control Council at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of India (BCCI) on December 24 is preparing to approve the addition of two new teams to the Indian Premier League bandwagon ( IPL), IPL 2021 can still be played with the same format, an eight-team round robin followed by playoffs.

Sports star understands that the proposal to add two new teams will be adopted unanimously on the floor of the AGM, but that “the members of the office will be allowed to mark things seriously”. “Approval of the inclusion of 2 (two) new teams in the Indian Premier League,” said one of the 23 items on the agenda of the meeting, which will be held Thursday in Ahmedabad.

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“Once the addition of the two new teams is approved in principle, board members will determine whether it is possible to immediately add two new teams,” revealed an insider. “At the moment, they have been informed that eight teams are expected to be maintained for IPL 2021. Once the market improves, teams can be added for IPL 2022.”

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The BCCI hierarchy is learning to be almost convinced to wait for IPL 2022 before adding two new teams. On a commercial level, given the unstable economic situation mainly due to the pandemic, it will not get the best offer either from potential bidders or from the broadcaster. In addition, it was also asked to wait as the addition of two new teams which will lead to an overhaul of all existing teams will be a logistical and tactical nightmare for BCCI executives and IPL franchises to be successful in the short term. .

A couple of franchise officials confirmed that despite “having no say in the decision-making” they were unofficially told to be ready for IPL 2021 with “the same format.”

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