IPL 2021 week three flop XI

Matches 17 to 25 are taken into account when writing this article.

Hardik Pandya. (Photo source: IPL / BCCI)

the Indian Premier League has been one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Being part of it is a unique opportunity for any player. Whether it’s a teenager looking to grab the attention of selectors, or a seasoned activist trying to make a comeback. IPL provides the perfect platform for any gamer.

The current edition of the IPL takes place at a very delicate and critical time. With COVID cases increasing exponentially, many players had decided not to participate in the lucrative tournament. But, the BCCI decided that the show would continue. Therefore, players continue to participate in the event and raise awareness of COVID.

Well, a lot of players took this opportunity to knock on selectors’ doors. So few of them have succeeded, few of them have not. This week, too, we have witnessed major failures from many players. Few were those who took the opportunity to increase their number of races and few went for much.

Here is the worst game XI of the third week of IPL 2021

1. Rohit Sharma (captain)

Rohit sharma
Rohit Sharma. (Photo source: IPL / BCCI)

Rohit sharma is arguably one of the biggest names in the cricket world. He played magnificent innings which allowed him to become one of the greatest of the modern era. So far, Sharma has led the Mumbai-based franchise with five IPL titles. Well, without a doubt, he’s the greatest IPL captain in tournament history.

But, this week, he had a poor outing with the bat. Against the Punjab Kings, Sharma scored 63 of 52 balls. A strike rate of 121.15 is something far too low for a drummer like him. Moreover, he failed against Rajasthan by scoring just 14 points. His captain this season has been a bit bland so far.

The five-time champions are well known for bouncing back during the second half of the tournament. Well, no one can predict if the Indian vice captain will turn the tide and destroy the bowling attacks. But, this week, he’s on that squad due to 77 points at a 101.75 hit rate. His performance has deteriorated as we move forward in this tournament.

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