IPL 2021: Practice options in Delhi and Ahmedabad may have led to violation of Covid protocols | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The decision of the Indian Cricket Council to hold the second phase of Indian Premier League (IPL) matches in cities without other T20-specific training facilities could have caused the violation of Covid protocols, has t he emerged.
The cities of Delhi and Ahmedabad with a rapid increase in Covid cases hosted the second phase and the positive cases among players and staff that led to the tournament being postponed emerged during matches in these cities. In addition, both cities have struggled to find alternative training facilities for the teams.

“Many members of the Indian Cricket Control Council (BCCI) and state officials are convinced that the decision to conduct the second phase in Delhi and Ahmedabad was wrong. There were four teams in each city and with the exception of the main field, is a world-class facility and hosted matches, the replacement training facilities were open at the Covid-19 exhibit ”, an official familiar with the matter told IANS.
While in Delhi, teams like the Chennai Super Kings used the Roshanara Club grounds for training, those in Ahmedabad were forced to use the grounds of Gujarat College.

Both sites are in congested or older areas of the city. The Motera Field Practice Center in Ahmedabad has another problem. As the construction of the ancillary grounds and complete facilities is not yet complete, the facilities available are not suitable for the practice of the big hits required for T20 cricket.
“The problem with the newly constructed Narendra Modi Stadium in Motera is that the adjoining pitches and facilities are still under construction. Although it is a state-of-the-art facility with multiple pitches, it is not yet complete. teams cannot use the current practice nets as they are not suitable for the big shots needed during T20 training. This is acceptable for practice matches or first class cricket practice, ” ‘official.

“So taking players to the Gujarat College pitch was very risky because there are so many people like the maalis (gardeners), security guards and others. It was easy to get infected,” he said. -He underlines. No less than three teams, including the most affected Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), trained there. Four KKR players have tested positive.
The Roshanara Club in Delhi, where BCCI was founded over 90 years ago, is in the middle of a densely populated area, and you have to walk through crowded streets to get there.
“Roshanara Club Delhi is also a club which is not suited to the practice of the IPL franchise. Plus you have local staff who can easily infect players or staff,” the official said.
Delhi has two Palam lots which are spacious and secure, away from the city as well. There may have been issues with some aspects of the facilities there, although they have hosted international teams in the past. Closer to the IPL team hotels is the Jamia Millia Islamia pitch, which is secure and has excellent changing rooms, although the locations could be an issue there.
“The transfer of the tournament to Delhi and Ahmedabad opened the tournament to the Covid-19 exhibition,” the official said.
The third IPL phase was to be held in Kolkata and Bangalore. Even though Bangalore faces a huge Covid-19 threat, it has good facilities for training. Besides the Chinnaswamy Stadium, where the matches were to be staged, it has several pitches in Alur, on the outskirts of the city.

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