IPL 2021: PIL seeks damages from BCCI for oxygen and drugs for COVID 19

A public interest dispute (PIL) was filed on Tuesday in the Bombay High Court seeking damages from the Cricket Control Board of India (BCCI) to be used to meet the medical needs of the COVID-19 pandemic .

PIL has requested the cancellation or postponement of matches played during the Indian Premier League (IPL). Hours after the petition was filed, the council suspended the tournament’s current season after a number of cases were reported among players and staff.

“BCCI does not want to compromise on the safety of players, support staff and other participants involved in the organization of the IPL. This decision was made with safety, health and safety in mind. the well-being of all stakeholders, ”BCCI said in a statement.

IPL 2021 postponed due to Covid-19 cases

The petition states: “On April 9, 2021, the first IPL match was played in Chennai on April 10, the second IPL match played in Mumbai. At that time, there were fears supported by evidence of a second wave of COVID-19. It’s definitely more deadly than the previous strain. On April 12, despite all evidence of a foreclosure, partial or other IPL continues to be played in Mumbai. Even in Delhi IPL is played. Both are among the worst affected cities. ”

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On April 14, Maharashtra’s chief minister and other ministers announced a stricter lockdown keeping in mind the increase in corona virus cases and deaths, oxygen shortage, Article 144 of the imposed criminal procedure code that essentially prohibits the gathering of four or more people in an area, schools and colleges. continue to stay closed / operate online. Only essential services are allowed, no complete list of essential services is available. IPL is not mentioned in the list of essential services. ”


IPL must show his heart

PIL says: “From April 14-27 India is almost in a state of internal emergency and some cricketers have also tested positive for the coronavirus. Apparently Australia has asked its cricketers to be sent home. Some have already returned. In India, cases have reached a record 3.4 lakhs per day. Other countries are to rush to deliver oxygen and other medical supplies to India. ”

The plea adds: “Even the Indian Air Force is called in to help IPL continue. MS Dhoni’s parents are diagnosed with COVID 19. Players have started dropping out of IPL because they wanted to support their family during this time. There is still no discussion or discussion of the postponement or cancellation as India has reached a point of no return.

The case will be heard on May 6.

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