IPL 2020 Final: Rohit speaks, Stoinis rocks, Surya leads the way as MI wins 5th title

High decibel five

“YES YES YES YES YES!” And with each cry of joy from Marcus Stoinis came a different celebration. A few punches in the air, a low punch, then one in the palm of his left hand. In choosing Quinton De Kock’s wicket, his joy was understandable. As he was hitting for the Delhi Capitals, he got caught late on the first ball of the inning – and you could tell his annoyance by the way he was furiously chewing his gum. But then the generally stoic Stoinis went wild when he grabbed the Mumbai Indians set and the dangerous opening game after his first delivery on the night. The charged Australian’s emotions might have lasted longer, if only he hadn’t been squeezed by new batsman Suryakumar Yadav on the next ball.

Suddenly, the straight face was back, as the rate at which he was punishing his gum began to increase. It wouldn’t make a better ball later either, as it would be kicked off the pitch for six hours. And as the cameras made their way to the stony-faced all-rounder, there was the frustrated puckering of his nose. After five big yeses, two big Nos.

– Judge Shahid

First batter, then chatter

The IPL final offered a refreshing novelty. After the draw, Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma and his Delhi Capitals counterpart Shreyas Iyer were seen having a long conversation. Rohit and Shreyas were both born and raised in Mumbai, play for Ranji’s West side, and it’s rare that an IPL final throws two captains from the same city.

It was a heated conversation, although the traffic flow came more from Rohit with Shreyas in tune. Rohit looked confident as Shreyas offered his point of view before nodding in the affirmative.

Having oozed intent even before the game started trying to score a point, it was pretty much the same when the game was on and no words were spoken. Arriving in the final on the heels of a few low scores and devoid of any facial expression visible beyond his usual frowning while hitting, Rohit let his bat do the furious conversation.

– Shamik Chakrabarty

Surya’s selfless and hard sacrifice

Suryakumar Yadav was driving in first gear and looked ripe to take it up a notch. His partner on the other end, Rohit Sharma, had already settled in and was looking to raise his IPL top fifty.

And at that point, a pointless attempt at a race that was never at the start of Sharma and Yadav’s IPL Final ended quickly. As Sharma called for the race, Yadav refused and walked back to his end of the crease. But by then Rohit had already completed half of the course and continued. Yadav could have stood up and watched his partner return to the lodge, but instead he decided to let go of his wicket and as Sharma sank down on his crutches, ruining the split second decision that he took which cost the Indians of Mumbai their second wicket.
Demonstrating free-spirited and professional demeanor, Yadav avoided the glory he could have achieved by staying and taking MI past the finish line and instead allowed his captain to take center stage. . Surya may have been crippled by Sharma there, but won the moment he gave his wicket for his skipper – who had to face a close examination of his hamstrings.

– Shashank Nair

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