India vs Sri Lanka: Courage, hand-eye coordination and shooting make Prithvi Shaw the Sehwag 2.0 | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Prithvi Shaw’s 24 Ball 43 which included nine limits at the right time highlighted comparisons to former Indian opener Virender Sehwag, who himself tweeted a photo of himself, Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara and wrote: “Pehle 5.3 overs hamara jalwa raha (in the early 5.3s it was our charisma)”.
Shaw’s shots through the offside – his first four were a punch through extra cover while the second was a cut point – were pretty similar to what Sehwag would hit during his playing days.
Shaw hit a few more, in the middle of the wicket, then again through an extra blanket and point.

While Sehwag has hinted that Shaw remembers himself, former India opener coach and mentor AN Sharma said he might find some similarities.
“He has the jigra (courage), that Sehwag had. I always like a player who makes offense as defense, not defense as offense,” Sharma told IANS.
“All of his offside shots were magnificent. Sehwag used to hit similar shots,” Sharma added.
Former Indian drummer Pravin Amre, who worked with Shaw on his post-Test series footwork in Australia and during the IPL, says people are making comparisons because of the impact he has.
“You saw him yesterday. He went 43 while the other guy, Shikhar Dhawan scored 86 (not out) but still Shaw got the man of the match. I think that’s the impact. of his sleeves that people compare him to Sehwag for. Hand-eye coordination is what made Sehwag great and that’s what Shaw has, “Amre told IANS.
“Basically he’s Sehwag’s shadow, he’s Lara’s shadow because of his high backlift and if he gets consistency he’ll be Tendulkar’s shadow. During the IPL we worked with his footwork because if the footwork is there it will be more consistent, ”Amre added.
But Amre cautioned not to make too many comparisons. “It’s not easy being in Sehwag’s place. Sehwag has scored a triple in test matches not once but twice. But yes, you get a glimpse of Sehwag in him. But for us. [coaches and ex-cricketers] it’s hard to compare because it has its own style, ”Amre said.
Sehwag coach Sharma said there were some differences, however. “No two drummers are the same. You would be okay with that,” Sharma said. “Sehwag would start moving the moment he saw the ball come out. I looked at Shaw intently. He’s not that perfect. [in that]”Sharma added.
Sharma also spoke of differences due to Sehwag’s experience of playing more overseas.
“Although Sehwag used to hit similar punches, he never used to go this low. His bat’s sweet spot was slightly higher. This comes from habit, when playing at abroad, you have to keep the sweet spot a bit above, ”Sharma said.

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