India vs England: first test likely to be held behind closed doors after England opposition

In a day of rapid developments, involving three stakeholders – the BCCI, the ECB and the host association (TNCA), it appears that the first Test starting on February 5 is going back “behind closed doors”.

It appears that TNCA’s announcement allows 180 member associations, which equates to just 360 tickets, and the media for the first test did not go well with the ECB and the England team.

India vs England: Chepauk will allow 50% crowd for second test

One of the preconditions of the tour was “behind closed doors” tests and the visiting team, we learn, are not budging from this agreement.

Now sources say that if the first test takes place without any incident with England ensuring security measures, then a limited crowd and media could be allowed for the second test.

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Earlier this summer, when England hosted the West Indies and Pakistan at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, media were allowed to cover the matches.

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