ICC to identify kingpin of global correction

Getting closer to a brain

A brain is set to be unmasked as investigators interview a known repairman in Delhi, Marshall told Telegraph Sport. According to the Managing Director, “10 to 12” people working as bookies in India can be linked to most cases of fixing in cricket.

Uva League in Punjab

The Uva T20 league, played in Sri Lanka but conducted on a field in the village of Sawara in Mohali, which was first reported by The Indian Express, was mentioned by Marshall to highlight how innovative the corrupters are. Ravinder Dandiwal, who is also believed to have organized tennis matches across the world, has been arrested by Punjabi police for an alleged connection to the Uva T20 League. During the pandemic, the corrupters turned to players whose livelihoods had been affected, including those who play cricket at the club level in Europe, according to the report.

Naming and shame policy

Known corrupters will have their name, photo, and alias uploaded to the ICC website, a gesture that will identify the corrupters more quickly. The ICC will also use Article 2.4.9, under which known bookmakers / fixers or others trying to make a quick buck may be referred to as “excluded persons”. Once players are made aware of the existence of these “banned persons”, they should avoid them.

Burner Phones

Marshall compared the use of the latest technology by bookmakers / fixers to avoid being tracked, while communicating and making payments, to the arms race during the Cold War. “There is an increase in the use of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to transfer payments,” Marshall said. It also mentions apps where messages go missing and burner phones (cheap phones with prepaid usage minutes and bought without a contract) being used to avoid detection.

Repairers as “ team owners ”

Recently, this document reported that the head of India’s anti-corruption unit Ajit Singh had asked the BCCI to find a way to fight corruption in the franchise-based T20 leagues run by state associations.

Owners with no clear source of income and expense sheets filed against owners, players and coaches, is what Singh had reported. Marshall explained how repairers are the real owners and how they help others be the face of the team. “In franchise leagues… people present themselves as owners, but behind the scenes they (the repairers) are the real owners who invest the money…”

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