I was all ready, padded, I had also taken an injection: Ravindra Jadeja

Star India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja said on Saturday he was mentally prepared to beat 10-15 times despite a broken thumb, after being injected with painkillers in the third test drawn against Australia in Sydney.

Jadeja suffered a thumb injury while hitting in the opening innings of the Sydney Test and was ultimately ruled out for six weeks. He will miss the series of four tests in England from February 5.

“I was all ready, padded. Had also done the injection. I just thought I would hit at least 10-15 overs and mentally plan how the innings would go, what shots to play because I couldn’t play all kinds of punches with the pain from the fracture, ”A-t he told Sports Today.

“I was also figuring out how to approach the deliveries from the fast bowlers, where they would throw the ball at me. I was planning my part when I go to bat for those 10-15 overs.

Jadeja didn’t have to beat as Ravichandran Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari produced a lionhearted effort, facing 256 bullets on Day 5 to script a memorable draw.

“I had a discussion with management that I only beat if India manages to reach a point where the game could be won. Pujara and Rishabh Pant were fighting well, they formed a partnership. We even felt we could win the game.

“But unfortunately, Pant was absent and the situation changed after that. We had to play for a draw from there, ”he said.

“The way Ashwin and Vihari fought to save the game, they showed a lot of character. It’s not always about scoring races when it comes to test cricket. There are times and circumstances when you need to save the game. It was a great team effort, the way we saved the game by beating so many overs.

Jadeja said he “didn’t realize I broke my thumb in the middle of the swing of the stick.”

“At that point in the game all I had in mind was to add points for India with the last ones. I still didn’t realize that my finger was broken inside, of course there was pain, but I thought it must have been the impact of the bullet that hit my thumb, ”he said. he declares.

“So I continued to struggle with that thought. But when I left the field and the scans were done, we found out it was a broken thumb. But it’s okay, if I had to fight for the team in this situation I definitely would have.

Injured India posted an incredible 2-1 win in the series after being eliminated for a record 36 in the first test in Adelaide.

Jadeja said after Adelaide’s humiliation, India viewed the series as a three-game affair.

“I think after Adelaide’s loss it was a bit difficult. It was difficult because Australia’s bowling attack was very strong. We decided to consider it as a three game series from there.

“Forget the first Test, it’s a three game series for us.” We set out to create positive energy in the ground and build everyone’s confidence by talking, not thinking or talking about Adelaide Test.

“I personally decided to practice batting in Australia. I had a positive mindset that whenever I got the chance to contribute to the team’s cause.

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