I have more than four than him: Rohit Sharma on the IPL comparison with Chris Gayle

Indian female cricketer Jemimah Rodrigues asked Rohit Sharma about her performance stats and to everyone’s surprise the Mumbai Indians captain fired and got almost all of the correct answers.

In a social media interview, Rohit Sharma fondly recalls the headlines of the day after scoring the record 264 against the Lankans. He said, “I remember because the next day there was a headline saying Rohit Sharma beat Sri Lanka.”

After being asked about who struck the most boundaries in IPL between himself and Chris Gayle, the Hitman was quick to say that Chris may have hit over six, but he was still the man who crossed more boundaries than him.

Responding to the question, Rohit said, “No, I have more IPL four than Chris. He’s definitely over six in the IPL.

IPL statistics. (Source: screenshot BCCI / IPL)

The Mumbai Indians were the most successful team in the IPL and when the most successful captain was asked to choose his favorite League win he instantly chose the 2017 edition where he beat the Supergiants Rising. Pune led by Dhoni.

“I would choose 2017 because we only made 129 points and defending this score on any terrain and in all conditions against any opposition in the final is a great achievement.” Rohit said zealously.

But even the Hitman was surprised when Jemimah asked him to choose between his childhood pitch and his home pitch, namely Borivali Sports Club or Wankhede Stadium. Preferring to skip the hard choice, he said, “Don’t let me choose this one, I can’t choose between the two! On one court I started my cricket career, while on the other I started my professional career. It’s really hard for me to choose! “

Rohit’s love for Indian films also came out quite strikingly when he chose 1992 sports drama Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar over the Avengers. He said: “This film (Jo Jeeta…) was quite moving. We were quite young and that created a spark in me. I remember I was in school. That last scene where the race was won was just amazing.

The whole conversation between the two Mumbaikars took place when they caught up to discuss the “Third Referee” and “Dil Ya Dimaag”.

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