I don’t want anyone to say I’m unfit: MS Dhoni

Chennai Super Kings skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni admitted on Monday that while it is difficult to ‘keep up’ with the young players on the squad, he doesn’t want anyone pointing fingers at his fitness.

Dhoni, 39, who retired from international cricket last year, admitted that “getting old and being in good shape are two difficult things”.

“When you play, you really don’t want anyone to say he’s unfit. I have to follow the younger guys, they are very fast, it’s good to challenge them, ”said Dhoni after CSK beat the Rajasthan Royals by 45 points in their IPL match.

“Performance is guaranteed. I did not guarantee performance at 24. I can’t vouch for 40, but at least if people can’t show me he’s unfit, that will be of great benefit to me.

Meanwhile, speaking of the game, the CSK captain applauded his team’s performance.

“I felt Sam was playing really well. Deepak, there was a miscalculation with the delivery. So I thought a good start was important. Even the wet bullet was spinning.

“I don’t really mind Jos playing the reverse sweep. If the wet ball was spinning, the probability of the dry ball spinning is high.

“The way we prepared. Bowlers were also under the pump last year, so they are used to the conditions.

“Our bowlers played really well, they hit too deep. 10-15 extra points we gave on the line. We lost the game but there are a lot of positives.

“The dew didn’t come and the ball was still spinning, so it was a little shocking to see.

“It’s important to keep a cool head, this format forces us to score at a higher risk rate, so it’s very normal to go out often. I continue to work on the basics and give myself time at the center, ”he concluded.

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